Rachael Wolstencroft

Rachael Wolstencroft

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Grade: Sandan 3rd Dan Black Belt

Classes: Little Lever, Denton, Wilmslow, Heywood, Helmshore and Bury

Hi, my name is Rachael Treadgold and I am the Club Manager and a Senior Instructor of Red Tiger Karate Club.

My Journey:

I have been training in karate since I was 10, I joined GKR Karate Club back in 1997 and can still remember how much I enjoyed my first class – and how tired I was at the end of it! I got my first full grade of yellow belt within 3 months of joining, however a car accident then stopped me training for 10 months, but I still went along to class to sit and watch my Dad. I was determined to carry on my training and achieve what everybody ultimately wants – a black belt!

I graded to black belt in July 2003 after 6 years of training. I cannot describe how proud it makes you feel to achieve something that you have worked at for such a long time. Just make sure you’ve got all your friends and family there to support you on the day because they are the ones who keep you going when you are tired and desperate to give up!

My current grade is 3rd Dan Dan Black Belt however I am not motivated by belts or grades, after all my dad says to me ‘Belts are just for holding your pants up!’. I am motivated to be the best student I can be. I am motivated by the students that train in my classes. I owe it to them to train hard so that I can help them achieve everything they want to. I am motivated by my Sensei’s and the great leaders and Instructors of the past. I will never stop learning and will always do karate.


I’ve been teaching karate for over 8 years now on a part & full time basis and it’s the most rewarding job in the world! To see people from the minute they walk in the door, scared to death, without a clue what they are doing, right through to coaching them through their first few grades and seeing them develop both mentally and physically, makes all the effort worth it!

I have successfully participated in tournaments and won lots of medals myself but one of my greatest competitive karate achievements is not something I have done. I love watching my students compete and win medals at our tournaments. It doesn’t even matter if they win or they don’t, it makes me proud to see them having a go. It takes a lot of guts to even get in that tournament ring. When they win, that’s even better!

I love teaching because I like to share the knowledge that has been shared with me. I love meeting new people and working with the children and families in our club. You can change people’s lives by helping them learn to better themselves. Over the years I have met students who have been bullied which has shattered their self-confidence. I have met students with behavioural issues whose parents are at the end of their tether. Our Karate club helps people and my fellow Instructors and I do it to inspire our students to change their lives for the better.

I have made some wonderful friends through karate, when I first started Sensei Mike and Leesa taught me. I now count them as some of my closest friends. I met my husband at karate and stayed active most of the way through my recent pregnancy – teaching right up to 7 months and resuming my training after just two weeks off. I have seen students grow up, earn their black belts and go off to university. They have become good friends and still come back to visit us at Red Tiger. I would class the Instructors and the people I teach as friends I care about.

I feel lucky to teach fantastic students every day. Within Red Tiger Karate, I am responsible for 5 classes and over 150 of my own students training and development.  First and foremost (like everyone else) I am dedicated Karate student.

Training tips and advice:

Even though I have been training for so many years, I still absolutely love it and have so much to learn. There is nothing more important than your own training. I train at least 4 times a week and am always trying to fit in more training. I practise all the time no matter where I am or what I am supposed to be doing. I have to get it right, if it’s not perfect, I am not happy!

I stretch everyday and I have come to realise that being fit and having a strong body is a very important part of being a good karate student. If you have a good level of fitness you will be able to practise more often and more intensely. It will boost your self-confidence and you will feel better both physically and mentally. If you are fit, you will not get as frustrated with yourself especially when your brain knows what you want it to do, but your body can’t manage it.

Karate training can get you to that level of fitness you need. It’s a great workout if you train as hard as you can. You get out of it what you put into it. If you don’t put all of your effort in at every class, you are only cheating yourself. You are holding yourself back and not being true. To achieve the best out of your ability, you must do your best every time to you come training.

The most common thing people say to me is: how do you do it every day? I do it every day because my body is used to it, I love it and it my way to escape and relax. There is nothing in the world that empties your mind faster than someone throwing a round kick to your head and you having to block it! You have to focus on your training and in the dojo, nothing else matters.

We have recently joined the JKS which offers our Club massive opportunities. We now have the opportunity to train in Japan, join an established and successful England squad and train with the very best Shotokan Instructors in the World. The future is very exciting and you could be a part of it too.

So if you are thinking about trying karate, just do it! You will never look back!

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and I hope to see you very soon.

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