About Us

Who We Are

Red Tiger Karate Club provides quality instruction to children from 4 years old all the way to late adulthood. Our classes are based in Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire and we cater for people of all abilities. We pride ourselves on having a great team of instructors. First and foremost, we are all warm and friendly people. We are Instructor qualified; CRB enhanced checked and fully first aid trained. At Red Tiger Karate, we care about the development and constant improvement of each and every one of our students. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.


Red Tiger Karate Club are affiliated to the  English Karate Federation (EKF), The British Karate Federation (BKF) and the World Karate Federation (WKF)
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What Do We Teach?

We teach the traditional styles of Shotokan Karate. We have classes to suit everyone, from young beginners to existing black belts.
Classes are based around practising the basics of karate (kihon); including striking techniques, blocking techniques and a variety of kicking techniques. We also teach Shotokan Kata (which are detailed patterns of movement). Once a student reaches a competent level we allow them to begin to Kumite (spar) in a controlled and disciplined environment.
At Red Tiger Karate we pride ourselves on making our classes lively and fun to take part in. We play karate based games and run competitions with the children to encourage them to learn.
We strive to not only impact on our student’s lives inside the dojo (training hall), but outside as well. Ours is a family club where lasting friendships are formed. Karate not only improves our students’ physical health; it can also impact on your mental well-being in a positive way.

Where We Train

With over 60 classes across Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire we are sure to have a class to suit you.
Classes are held in a variety of venues including Primary Schools and High Schools, Community Centres, Scout Huts, Leisure Centres and Church Halls.
Red Tiger Karate classes are run every night of the week and even at weekends so you can train as often as you like! See our Locations page for the day and time of your nearest classes.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to be gained from training in Karate with our Club including:

  • Improved fitness, flexibility and stamina
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Develop your self confidence
  • Improved mental and physical co-ordination
  • Improve your child’s discipline, concentration and motivation
  • Family training encourages co-operation, team work and shared values
  • The opportunity to take part in tournaments and special seminars
  • You can make lasting friendships

If you have specific goals then it is our job at Red Tiger Karate to help you achieve them.
Our Instructors are friendly and approachable so don’t be afraid of discussing your requirements at your next class.

The Family Club

First and foremost we are a family club. We promote that families enjoy quality time together. We allow children and parents to train in the same classes so that you encourage and motivate each other, enjoying the ups and downs on that road towards Black Belt – together. We offer excellent family discounts, making it more affordable so that every family member can give Karate a try. Family training encourages teamwork, co-operation and shared values. In our experience, children often concentrate more and subsequently achieve higher grades when they train with a parent.

Our Instructors

Red Tiger Karate boasts an outstanding team of talented Instructors who receive ongoing support and weekly training. Every Class is taught by a Lead Instructor who can call on the advice and expertise of a Senior Instructor or our Chief Instructor at any time.
All of our Instructors have completed extensive Instructor training, are CRB enhanced checked and First Aid qualified – giving you the peace of mind that you are training within a qualified and experienced environment. Our Instructors are highly motivated individuals, who realise the importance that their own training and development is essential so that they can continue to inspire our students and deliver the high standard of tuition that is expected.

Equal Opportunities

Red Tiger Karate Club is open to all people, and pledge to never ever discriminate on the grounds of ability, age, gender, religious beliefs or ethnic origin.
We welcome members from all walks of life, so if you are apprehensive about joining for any reason please be assured that you will be treated equally and fairly.
If you have any existing injuries or illnesses we must advise you to consult your doctor/GP before starting any new physical fitness or exercise regime.

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