Debbie Carter

Name: Debbie Jane Carter
Nickname: I never really had one but my Dad used to call me Doblet. My step mum is also called Debbie and he used to call her Dobby so I became Doblet.
Grade: Nidan 2nd Dan
Dojo’s: Sale, Altrincham, Morecambe, Timperley and Flixton
Full or Part-time: Full time
Why did you start: I started pretty much the same way as Paul Sensei and Mike Sensei. Back in 1996, GKR karate club knocked on the door and invited us to their local class. My younger brothers (one of whom is Rob Sensei) were mad on power rangers at the time so we thought it would be good for them but when it came to the first class they wouldn’t go in on their own so myself and mum joined in with them and we were hooked. Within a short space of time I was teaching and had my own classes but sadly club politics got in the way so I decided it was time for a change. I ventured into jujitsu which was great fun and I did quite well, training with the British squad every month until a nasty knee injury finished any chance of continuing without permanent damage. Fast forward a few years and after looking at many clubs we came across Red Tiger at our local church hall so decided to go down and have a look and I’ve never looked back since. The best thing is that I found my love for teaching again because I was adamant that I wasn’t going down that road again but I’m so glad that I did 😊
What keeps you training: Lots of reasons!! It’s so satisfying to see your students grow and develop into strong karateka and to be a role model to them is a privilege. Some people wrongly assume that if you are an instructor then you must know everything but this isn’t the case; the learning never stops so I have to keep going and keep challenging myself. As I have got older I do find it harder than when I started all those years ago and in those moments when it’s particularly difficult I look at my amazing mum and think to myself “if she can do it without excuses and moaning then so can I” She is my inspiration!!
Job in the real world: Full time instructor and looking after Sensei David and Brian the ninja dog. I’ll let you work out which one is hardest 😃
Favourite part of karate: If you’re asking about the main 3 elements then it has to be kata but if you mean generally then it’s being part of an amazing group of people who form the family of Red Tiger – instructors and students alike.
Hobbies other than karate: Most of my time is taken up with karate and house stuff but I love getting out with dog and I also love making things. I used to make my own clothes as a teenager but you can pick things up so cheaply now that I don’t bother too much now.