Daryl Brady

Name: Daryl Michael Brady
Nickname: none – feel free to come up with one!
Grade: Nidan
Dojo/s: I’m a fairly new instructor and have been teaching just over a year. My partner Emma Sensei and I had a baby last year so whilst she was pregnant and on maternity leave I covered her classes. I now teach Claypool on Thursdays and team up with Emma Sensei at Stoneclough on Saturdays. You will have to ask the students who they prefer!
Full time or volunteer: volunteer with my better half.
What keeps you training? I enjoy anything fitness related – if you have been to our Saturday class you know my giddiness for fun plyometric drills! I started karate shortly after Emma Sensei joined and raved about it and haven’t looked back since. I’m always wanting to learn new things and that’s one of the beauty’s about karate as there is so much to learn from it. I’ve competed in our club tournaments numerous times which are great fun to do. It’s also really rewarding seeing your students improve, moving up the grades and putting themselves out there and competing. That’s why we both love being instructors.
Job in the real world? I work in the finance department for ADT….yawn!
Favourite part of karate: I don’t think I have a favourite part I really enjoy all aspects of karate but what my favourite thing about this club is how it feels like we are one big family and how supportive everyone is and I think it’s that what makes it even more enjoyable than the sport is in itself.
Hobbies other than karate: I go to the gym as much as I can and try to play video games but a lot of my time when I’m not teaching, training or working is spending time with Emma and our new baby girl Adalind.