Aurelie Girault

Name: Aurélie Girault and if you wondering how to say my first name it’s oh ray lee. If you thought I was French then yes you’re right (maybe my “slight” accent gave it away)
Nickname: Lily /Lil
Grade: Nidan (2nd Dan Black Belt)
Dojo/s: I teach at St Thomas Primary school in Leigh on Tuesdays. I train as much as I can at least 3 times a week. If I could I would train everyday but my very understanding husband (who doesn’t do karate) like to spend time with me and the kids too.
Full time or Volunteer: I am a fairly new volunteer Sensei – I started teaching in January 2018.
Why did you start: I joined Red Tiger Karate 8 years ago, 6 months after my son Kyle started – like many adults in RTK I thought that instead of just watching I should give it a go – and I have never had a break since.
Soon after my daughter Lola joined us. I remember her watching Kyle competing at his very first RTK tournament – she was in complete awe. She had caught the bug!
I really LOVE Karate, whether it’s teaching or training I never get tired of it. There is always something new to learn or teach / a new kata or the best way to use your hips to land a kick. I enjoy equally kata and kumite.
I guess Martial arts have always been part of my life, I started Judo when I was 4 years and was competing at least once a month for many, many years even a few times internationally.
I suppose I did what Lola did, I started after my brother who is now a judo instructor.
Unfortunately when I moved to the UK (19 years ago) I stopped training for a while – I gave Kick boxing a go for a couple of years but something was missing.
I believe that Karate is a more versatile. It’s not only about fitness kicking and punching you have to use your head too – especially to remember all those tricky katas.
What keeps you training: I enjoy learning new ways of improving my Karate, nothing is set in stone there is always room to better yourself. Plus I can’t wait for Kyle and Lola to grow a bit more so I can have a proper Kumite with them.
Job in the real world: I am a change manager for a large insurance company- looking at ways to increase efficiency. I see Karate a bit like my job – little changes can make a big difference.
Favourite part of karate: I really love watching my students learn and grow. I have also had the chance to see my kids’ karate improve and blossom throughout the years.
Hobbies other than karate: I don’t really have other hobbies as such – Karate is a big part of my life maybe a bit of gardening or looking after my chickens. But I must admit I also do quite a lot of walking at least 5 km a day.