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Red Tiger Karate Club is always open to taking on new beginners. We recruit new students through School demonstrations, bring a friend classes and most importantly; through word of mouth.

We can cater for children from 4 years old right up to 70+ year olds! It couldn’t be easier to start on the road towards Black belt so what are you waiting for? Join today.

Prices and family discounts

We keep our prices reasonable and affordable for all. We offer great family discounts so that each family member can get involved. There are no direct debits or upfront fees. You simply pay as you train. If you miss a class due to sickness or holidays, you don’t pay.

Training fees are paid at the start of each lesson:

  • £6.50 for one person
  • £5.50 per person for two in the same household
  • £5.00 each per person for three in the same household

How to book:

All of our bookings are now done online as we are operating with strictly limited numbers.

You will need to email us at: and we will set you up on our system. There is APP that can be downloaded to your smartphone (android and apple) and all bookings can be made via the APP.

Please include name of the participant,  date of birth and emergency contact number.




Do I need a uniform to start?

Not at all, you can just wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Please wear something that is loose fitting e.g. a T-Shirt and tracksuit bottoms to begin with. We would recommend that you make sure that you really like our classes before buying a Uniform (traditionally known as a ‘Gi’), then you have the option purchase a good quality uniform from our online shop. It will come complete with belt and a Club Badge. To order; click here for childrens uniforms and for adult uniforms click here.

What is a Martial Arts License?

A Martial Arts License confirms your identity and membership to your chosen Club and the Association to which it belongs. It usually comes in the form of a small booklet which contains information such as personal details, your unique license number, relevant medical information, emergency contact details, your grade and grading history, events or tournaments you have attended, a martial arts declaration or oath that you are required to sign and your license renewal date (usually 1 year from the date that you joined). A License is issued to confirm that you have been accepted into a Club and its organisation and once you have paid the License fee (£22), you have your own member to member and public liability insurance. You will need to get a license within the first four weeks of starting karate and renew this annually. You can purchase licenses via our online shop:

Do I need one to train at Red Tiger Karate Club?

Yes, Red Tiger Karate is a members only club. Once we have collected your information, this will be added to our secure database and will not be shared with third parties.  Unfortunately, we are unable to accept members under the age of 4 years. This is because we cannot obtain adequate insurance cover. Operating a members only Club allows us to offer a more personal welcome and cater our classes around expected number of students.


Do I have to pay by monthly standing order or direct debit?

No. We operate a pay as you go system. This means that you only pay for the classes that you actually attend, that way you do not lose money if you cannot attend for any reason (e.g. you become ill or go on holiday). You do however need to book and pay for your classes in advance using our online booking system.

How much do the classes cost?

Our classes are priced at
£6.50 if one person trains, 
£5.50 each if two people in same family train and
£5 each if three or more people in the same family train together in the same class.

How often are grading assessments?

Red Tiger Karate hold regular grading assessments . You will be invited to attend the grading closest to where you train by your Sensei. See our grading page for the next grading dates, locations and what you will be expected to do on the day. All grading assessments are taken by the Chief Instructor with the help the rest of the Instructor team. Students can only be put forward by their Instructor when he or she feels that you are ready and capable of achieving your next level.


On average students will be put forward every 3-4 months up to the grade of 5th Kyu, however this does depend on their own individual progress. Once a students reaches the level of 5th Kyu, they may be expected to spend a longer period of time on their grade to gain the valuable knowledge and experience required to successfully complete the grading.

I am already graded in another karate club, will I be able to keep the same grade?

This is a question that is often asked and there is never an easy answer. The most important thing to remember is that whatever grade you have achieved in another style will always be with you. There are many different variations even within each style of karate. We teach Shotokan Karate, so students who have experience in Shotokan may find it easier to progress or adapt. We treat each student as an Individual. Some students may join and attain a higher grade, some may be able to keep the same grade and on rare occasions students may be asked to drop down a few grades depending on their knowledge and experience. This is not to say that you may be double graded for example once you have had time to settle in and get used to our style and training methods. If you are a Black Belt, we would urge you to contact us and we will be able to direct you to your nearest class which has other Black Belts training in it.

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