Grading information: 

Next grading is likely to be on ZOOM, date to be confirmed.

North Manchester, Bury and Bolton Students

Grading assessment will take place in classes in late June/early July.


South Manchester & Cheshire Students

Grading assessment will take place in classes in late June/early July.


Shodan and Nidan Grading


Sunday 9th May

Prestolee Community Centre

Church Rd


M26 1HJ

Full to capacity.


Dan Grading for adults and any remaining  juniors provisional date:

Sunday 4th July 2021

Venue and time TBC

Grading Information:

Here you will find everything you need to know about how we grade our students, where to be and at what time and what you will be expected to do on the grading day.

You will be invited to grade by your Class Instructor and given a grading slip. You must make sure that you hand back to your Instructor  your grading reply slip and the test fee before the grading day. This is so that we can make sure we will have your certificate and belt ready for you to earn on the day.

All gradings are taken by the Chief Instructor. It is advisable for all students to read their etiquette booklet before attendance. As we are a family club, parents and friends are more than welcome to come along and support.  We do ask that all spectators keep noise to a minimum during the grading examination and that mobile phones are switched off or set to silent.

You’ll need to arrive 15-20 minutes early to sign in, hand in your license book and warm up.

All students must have a valid license book. If your license has expired you must renew it before attempting your grade. If you are attempting your first grade and have never had a license book, you must contact your Instructor at the earliest opportunity and let them know. If you do not have a license book, you may not be able to attempt grading.

What you will be expected to do on the day 

White Belts (9th Kyu) will be asked to demonstrate the basic strikes, blocks, kicks, combinations and stances. You will then be asked to perform Kata Heian Shodan (1st kata). You will also be assessed on dojo etiquette, knowledge, effort, responses and kiai’s. Students aged 10 and above will be expected to perform kata to a good standard.

8th kyu red belts and above will be asked to demonstrate all of the above as well as the advanced strikes, blocks and stances. You are required to perform all katas up to and including your grade kata. You will then be asked to kumite (spar). You will be assessed on your knowledge, respect, level of technique, good etiquette, effort and technical ability.

Important Note: Students 8th Kyu red belt and above should remember to bring their mitts and pads for kumite. It is also advisable for you to wear a gum shield and groin box, however these are not compulsory. Students attempting their first grade MUST wear a karate gi with a club badge sewn on chest height on the left hand side.

Students attempting their Shodan or above can only be put forward by Sensei Paul Wolstencroft our Chief Instructor. Black Belt grading examinations will be carried out by Alan Campbell Sensei 6th Dan Head of JKS England.

Remember to stick around at the end for your grading photo so you can look back over the years to see how far you have come. Your photo is free of charge and will be available to collect at your next class.


There is also a trophy awarded on the day by the Chief Instructor to reward the student who works the hardest so make sure you try your very best from start to finish!

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