Black & Brown Belt Courses

It is highly recommended that all brown and black belts try to attend these courses.

If you have never attended a brown and black belt course before, there is nothing to worry about. We understand that everyone is there to learn and improve. There is no extra pressure and you will find that you will cover much more of the advanced syllabus than you would in a public class.

These courses aim to improve your karate by:

  • Offering advanced tuition from the highest ranking and most experienced Instructors in the Club
  • Learning and breaking down Dan Grade or Brown Belt Katas
  • Learning and practising advanced kumite drills with other students at the same or a higher level
  • Kyu Grade students training alongside Instructors
  • Increasing fitness and stamina through core and strength exercises
  • Offering a more disciplined and focussed learning environment

Above all, you will learn nothing if you stay at home! Take advantage of our courses and you will see your karate improve at a more rapid rate.


Our next Red Tiger Brown and Black Belts courses will be held in Bolton on the following date:

Saturday 6th June 1pm-3pm

With  Paul Wolstencroft 5th Dan 


The Talbot Centre

Stretford Sports Village

Great Stone Rd


M32 0XA

It costs £7.50 per person and you just turn up and pay on the day. No need to pre-book.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]