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ZOOM online training timetable – 30th March to 4th April

Hi everyone!

We hope you are staying safe and practising social distancing in these crazy times!

Our online classes have been a big hit last week with over 500 Red Tigers getting involved. If you haven’t tried one of our ZOOM classes, what on Earth are you waiting for? Download the app and get involved! I can tell you how wonderfully uplifting it is to see your fellow students and Instructors, all in their gi’s suffering together!

Of course we all need to keep up the training or it is gonna be HARD WORK when we all get back to normal.

Student of the Week last week has to be CALLUM BAKER who completed 8 classes in total. The lad worked hard. Well done!

We want to say a huge thanks to everyone who trained and all the Instructors who managed to put their nerves aside and taught a class. It certainly is different and we will continue to improve as time goes on.

We’ve put together a timetable of over 40 classes. The majority of you can train with your usual Instructor and we have listened to your comments and split the grade groups even further so that we can offer better tailored tuition. If your Instructor isn’t teaching a lesson for your grade group, feel free to book on with them anyway.

Monday 30th March
White & Orange    Red & Yellow  Green & Purple  Purple & White / Brown 2nd Kyu and 1st Kyu Black Belts  Senior Class – Instructors only
6pm-6.40pm 6pm-6.45pm 6pm-6.40pm 7pm-7.40pm 7pm-7.40pm 7pm-7.45pm 8pm-9pm
Callum Rachael Debbie & Dave Debbie & Dave Callum Rachael Paul W
Spaces  Spaces  Spaces  Spaces  Spaces  Spaces  Spaces 
Tuesday 31st March
All Grades All Grades All Grades Green Belt & Below All Grades All Grades All Grades All      Grades   
Morning class John and Helen D Helen Finney Lorraine Mike Baron Rachael Dave and Debbie John O’ Donovan
10am-10.40am 6.30pm-7.10pm 6.30pm-7.10pm 6.30pm-7.10pm 6.30pm-7.10pm 6.30pm-7.15pm 6.30pm-7.10pm 6.30pm-7.10pm
Lola and Kyle G
Spaces  Spaces  Spaces  Spaces  Spaces  Spaces  Spaces  Spaces 
Wednesday 1st April
All grades White & Orange Red & Yellow Green & Purple  Purple & White / Brown 2nd Kyu and 1st Kyu Black Belts  Nidan & above
Morning Class 6pm-6.40pm 6pm-6.40pm 6pm-6.45pm 7pm-7.40pm 7pm-7.40pm 7pm-7.40pm 8pm-8.40pm
10am-10.40am Nicole Debbie & Dave Paul W Teresa Debbie & Dave Mike & Leesa Beckwith Paul W
Amy O’ D Spaces Spaces  Spaces  Spaces  Spaces  Spaces  Spaces  Spaces 
Thursday 2nd April
All Grades All Grades All Grades All Grades All Grades  Purple Belt & above All Grades All Grades
Morning Class Teresa W Mike Baron Mike & Leesa Helen D &  John D Lorraine Rob Head Dave and Debbie
10am-10.40am 6.30pm-7.10pm 6.30pm-7.10pm 6.30pm-7.10pm 6pm-6.40pm 6.30pm-7.10pm 6.30pm-7.10pm 6.30pm-7.10pm
Jaime Pratley
Spaces  Spaces  Spaces  Spaces  Spaces  Spaces  Spaces  Spaces 
Friday 3rd April
White & Orange


Red & Yellow


Green & Purple 


Purple & White / Brown


2nd Kyu and 1st Kyu


Black Belts 


Assistant Instructors


Louise & Leesa Debbie & Dave Rob Head Debbie & Dave Callum Paul W Mike & Teresa
6pm-6.40pm Spaces  6pm-6.40pm Spaces  6pm-6.40pm Spaces  7pm-7.40pm Spaces  7pm-7.40pm Spaces  7pm-7.45pm Spaces  8pm-8.40pm Spaces 
Saturday 4th April
All Grades All Grades All Grades All Grades
Gary P Paul W Lorraine Daryl
10.30am-11.10am Spaces  10.30am-11.30am Spaces  10.30am-11.10am Spaces  10.30am-11.10am Spaces 


How to book on: 

2 ways….

Send the name of the student who will be training an which class/classes you’d like to book onto:

Email: (please save the email address or my reply and your link may end up in JUNK)

Facebook Messenger: to Rachael Wolstencroft

Please don’t message me and say – same ones as last week as it will take me a long time to retrieve the correct information.


Each class will have 25 student limit so that we can offer feedback whilst you train.

You’ll need your karate uniform and belt, a laptop, smartphone or tablet with a fully functioning camera and audio. Once the class begins the instructor will mute all the participants and you will only be able to hear the Sensei.


Payment for classes

There will be two options for payment, pay as you go or unlimited monthly pass.

Online Classes will cost £3 or £30 a month for unlimited training. This is not per person, this is per household. If you have a standing order in place and haven’t cancelled it, please reduce your standing order to £30.

Payment can be made to our RTK account:

Account Name: Red Tiger Karate LTD

Account Number: 06954375

Sort code: 09-01-50

We will use this as an honesty box, if you cannot afford to pay at this time, please just book on and train anyway. We would prefer that you still take part than stay away because you are currently unable to afford it.

Individual Feedback Slots via ZOOM

Some of our Instructors will be available for 15 minute Individual feedback sessions.

These will be priced a £5 for 15 minutes.

These can be booked on a day/time at your convenience. Contact either Rachael Wolstencroft or Debbie Sensei to enquire about this service.

If you are getting involved for the first time: 
Contact us to book onto your chosen class.
Then, simply log on to or download the app from your smartphone or tablet. It is completely free of charge to sign up to an account and takes just a few minutes.
You can find the apps here under ‘Zoom Mobile Apps’:
It is called ‘ZOOM cloud meetings’
I will send you a link. If you have a computer or laptop, paste the link into your browser. If you are on a mobile device, click the link and the class will open in the app.
Dust of your gi and your belt. We all wear full karate gi. The more space you have the better, we appreciate that some will have only a limited amount of room so you can just adapt your stances etc. to the space you have. Any training is better than sitting on the sofa!Also if you have a smart TV you may be able to ‘cast’ or ‘mirror’ your phone or tablet to your TV. (Not if Mum or Dad want to watch something else on the telly though!). The bigger the screen, the easier it will be to follow the Instructor.
You can arrive early to test out the app and get used to the screen. You will also be able to talk to each other but remember, everyone can hear everyone else until the class starts! The Instructor will then introduce themselves, mute the participants and begin the class.
If more than one of you are training together in the same house, you can use different devices in different rooms. For example, one on a phone, one on a tablet. You just have to sign in on both devices.
I would advise that you set up your account early and have a little practice with some of the features. You’ll also need to check how far away to put your device so you can still follow our instructions and be seen yourself. If we can only see your face, we can’t see your karate!
Do not be scared of the technology, it is all so simple and easy and if you need any help, I am here for your support.
There is a video you can watch if you follow this link that will give you an idea of what to expect.
It is something we will all have to get used to for the foreseeable future and I’m sure there might be a few technical glitches. Please stick with it, imagine a world with no karate! Now that would be a terrible thing!