ZOOM Kata Comp results / July Links and Grading Info / UTW Update


We hope everyone has had a great weekend. There are a few news items to report and we will begin by letting you know what happened at our ZOOM Kata Competition Live Finals. The whole competition was well supported by our students and turned out to be great fun and a big success.  The original idea was put forward by the wonderful Teresa Withington Sensei and the judging was carried out by JKS World Champion/EKF Senior A Squad member Grace Baron. With that said, it was down to the students and parents who made sure this turned out so brilliantly!


The standard of videos we received over the last few weeks was really high. We were really impressed, especially as we haven’t done anything like this before. Thank you to everyone who submitted a video and kindly, Grace has agreed to offer a free 15 minute one to one lesson to all of the students who submitted a video and would like to hear/go through their individual feedback. Grace really has gone above and beyond the call of duty and we are incredibly lucky that she wants to offer this amazing opportunity. Get in touch with Grace Baron via Facebook Messenger to take advantage of this offer.


The Live Finals were so close and every competitor chosen by Grace to take part in the finals had clearly been practising so much. We could tell you had all put a lot of time and effort into giving us a great performance.


With over 70 competitors, the following students/parents were victorious and your medals are on their way:


Age 5-8 years:
1st Place – William Bincham
2nd Place – Grace Wilson 


Age 9-10 years:
1st Place – Maisie Fu
2nd Place – Zak Wegg


Age 11-12 years:
1st Place – Charlotte Griffiths
2nd Place – Ivy Evans


Age 13-15 years:
1st Place – Zara Bathurst
2nd Place – Ethan Fong


Age 16-17 years:
1st Place – Arrvin Singh-Bhakar
2nd Place – Aimee Rothwell


Age 18 and over:
1st Place – Sonja Hoglund
2nd Place – Katie Wilson


Non Training Parents:
1st Place – Danielle Davies
2nd Place – Nicholas Poynton


Squad Members:
1st Place – Jaime Pratley
2nd Place – Ellis Pindoria-Stott


Thanks to all the Cadets and Instructors who stayed on top show their support and watch the competition unfold. I hope you were inspired by our competitors! Thanks also to Rob Sensei and Grace who taught excellent sessions during Cadrt Class. everyone worked their socks off!



The ZOOM Timetable and Links for July


These will be available from Sunday 5th July. It will once again be a password protected page and we will send out both the link and password next Sunday 5th/Monday 6th.

As we are still unable to return to any of our dojos, all training and teaching will remain on ZOOM throughout the month of July.

So this week is your last week for day training and free challenge classes. Please use the current June links for classes this week. 

There will be some themed classes to look forward to this month, so keep a look out for what we have coming up.


ZOOM July Grading Information

When : Saturday 11h July from 1pm
We will look at students up to and including the grade of 1st Kyu. 
Grading Criteria as per the JKS England rules – you must have completed a minimum of 20 lessons & at least 3 months on your current grade.
To book a grading assessment, you will need to submit via email to info@redtigerkarateclub.co.uk the following information:
  • Your full name (as you want it written on your certificate)
  • Current grade
  • Instructor
  • The date of your last grading (if applicable)
  • Your address for postage
  • Photographic proof of your eligibility. A photo of the inside of your attendance card or list of classes completed would be perfect.
I will take applications from Monday 29th June until Sunday 5th July. I will email you back with a 30 minute time slot and payment details. Grading tests will cost £10 per person paid upfront with a further £15 to be paid if you are successful.
We will then post out your new belt and certificate to your home address. Licenses will be stamped at the earliest opportunity when we return to the actual dojo.


Ultimate Training Weekend – September 2020 


We are currently in talks with Haven Holidays to see whether we can still go ahead with this event in September. If we are able to use the Sports Hall for Karate, the event will go ahead and the remaining balances will need to paid over the next few weeks. If Haven aren’t able to provide us with a training venue, then I will be asking for our deposits to be returned. I know it isn’t really an update as such, but I just want you all to know that this situation is in hand and I am working to resolve it as best I can. I am expecting to hear a decision in the next couple of weeks, as soon as I know anything I will provide you with an update straight away.



Facebook Group and Google Reviews


As we prepare for our return to the Dojo, we anticipate a big rebuild may be required. If you have any friends or family members that do not belong to our facebook group page, please can you ask them to request to join.


We’d like to get this group to over 1500 and we currently have 1456 members. So we only need a few more. Likewise if you know anyone who might be interested in joining our karate club, please direct them to the group page. We would love to smash through the 1500 members target asap.


Likewise, we have a lot of happy members training with us and achieving fantastic things they never thought they were capable of.

If you have a spare few minutes, we would like to build our rating on google. If you could write us a little review and give us a (good) rating, we would be super grateful!


Surprisingly for such a large group that has been running for almost 15 years. we only have 8 reviews which is pretty embarrassing! You need to have a google account to do a review and they are free to set up and it is free to leave a review. Thank you so much.

Please help us if you can this link: