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ZOOM Grading Results – 7/2/2021

We would like to congratulate all of the students who attempted grading on Sunday 7th February via ZOOM. We are delighted to report that almost all grading candidates were successful and all certificates and belts have already been sent out via first class post. We see that some have arrived and we hope that you like our new certificates. Keep posting your happy pictures on our Facebook group. We could all do with seeing your bright smiling faces in these miserable lockdown days! The Instructors love to see how proud you are. I have also updated your grade on the app. Well done to you all.

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You are now a unique part our Club’s history and we really must applaud your perseverance and determination to progress despite everything going on. The pressure to perform at your best at home when you aren’t in the dojo with the energy of others to keep you going must make it so difficult. You did it and you did it brilliantly by the sound of it.

The number of grading candidates who have been taking extra lessons, doing 1:1’s and taking advantage in everything the Club has to offer has been incredible. You have been taking this very seriously and been so determined to succeed. We applaud you, keep up this excellent work. Be responsible for keeping your own standards high. This is your journey and yours alone. You will see the benefits when you are back the dojo, when you are fitter, sharper and faster than everyone else!

Small groups of students were put to the test for 1 hour under the watchful eye of the Chief Instructor Paul Wolstencroft Sensei and Grading examiner and Assistant Chief Instructor Mike Beckwith Sensei. Many Class Instructors also dialled in to watch and support their students. Then add in to the mix anyone watching you at home. OMG the stress! It must take some confidence!

The feedback from both Paul Sensei and Mike Sensei has been fantastic and there were some stand out performances. Both examiners were very pleased with what they saw. The first group up were the students attempting orange, red and yellow belts. Three students achieved their first full grades which is absolutely brilliant considering the vast majority of their training will have taken place during lockdown. Well done Evie Ianacconne, William Rickards and Glen Lumsden.

James Ellicott who has trained with us previously, attempted his orange belt and was awarded his red belt for an extremely impressive performance.

The following students successfully attempted their red belts, huge well done to you all:

Nicholas Poynton, Jaden Bincham, Laura Stephenson, Scout Lumsden, Starson Butterorth, Oliver Golding and Finnegan Brookes. Keep up the amazing work!

Leon Atkinson from the Stockton Heath class graded from orange straight to yellow. The dedication he has shown throughout the lockdown period has resulted in an really high standard. Well done young man.

The next group up were the green, purple and purple and white belts. Once again, there were plenty of high marks across the board. Looks like a great group of students.  We have three new green belts:

Helen Cowley – absolutely awesome as always. Nate Williams and Jake Quinn were both superstars too. Well done. Green belt is proving one of the hardest hurdles to overcome for new karate ka as the combinations change and some sadly choose to give up. You guys kept going, smashed your goal and should be super proud, well done.

We have six new purple belts and quite a few are some of our most promising adults. We salute your determination at this time to learn and stick at something new. Well done to Darren Williams, James Baker, Samantha Lawrie, Phil Barooah, Patrick Szczygiel and Freddie O’ Neill.

We have four new purple and white belts: Euan Alger, Lauren Dew-Parry, Holly Percival and Sophie Lever. What a group! Four very gifted and determined youngsters indeed. You have all trained very hard and thoroughly deserve to be at this high level. Euan Alger is just 7 years old! There aren’t many seven year olds who can say that they are this good at karate! Wow.  You were all brilliant. Keep up the amazing work.

There were five students attempting their Brown Belts. Each and every one of these students has put the work in over the years and remained very dedicated to the club and their training. We are so pleased for you and proud of you all.

Matthew Stopford, Austin Townsend, Loui D’Attorre, Lydia Palmer, Iris and Joseph Corlett all did brilliantly and are making great progress towards their black belts. We can tell how much time and effort has gone learning the new combinations and trying to present them well on Zoom. Your Katas were excellent as were your kumite drills.   Well done, we appreciate and recognise your hard work. Keep pushing forward everyone, there is no stopping now.

Callum Baker, Tris Miles, Noah Purvis, Oliver Whittaker, Daniel Price and Isabella Lawrie all earned their 2nd Kyu brown belt with one white stripe. What an incredible achievement by this group. You are all so dedicated, training at least twice a week and have been from the start of lockdown. You all showed you have reached an excellent standard and have the exact right mentality to go all the way to black belt.  We are really looking forward to helping you all achieve everything you are capable of. Your potential knows no limits!

Four students successfully attempted thier 1st Kyu’s and did so in outstanding style. Congratulations to Paul Evans, Ethan Fong, Maisie Fu and Isaac Jepson.  Paul and Mike Sensei could have no complaints whatsoever, you all stayed calm and came across brilliantly on the small screen. Incredible work. You are so close to getting that black belt and your time during lockdown has been very well spent, setting yourselves up for the final push towards the ultimate goal. You are all a pleasure to teach and we have no doubts you will continue to push forward and keep improving.  I bet you are so relieved!


Huge thanks as always goes to all the Sensei’s who make it all happen and teach you all so brilliantly. Without you guys, the students wouldn’t be able to accomplish these grades. Thanks also to Mike and Leesa Sensei who we simply cannot function without! Our team are the BEST!