ZOOM Grading Results: 13th June 2020

We would like to congratulate all of the students who attempted grading on Saturday 13th June at our ZOOM grading.


You are now a unique part our Club’s history and we really must applaud your bravery for having a go. The pressure to perform at your best in such a strange environment must have added to the challenge of the grading itself!


Small groups of students were put to the test under the watchful eye of the Chief Instructor Paul Wolstencroft Sensei and the newly qualified JKS Grading examiner and Assistant Chief Instructor Mike Beckwith Sensei (congratulations to you too!). Many Class Instructors also dialled in to watch and support their students. Then add in to the mix anyone watching you at home (your hopeful parents). The intensity must have been 50 times worse than normal dojo gradings!


Nobody could ever doubt that those who passed were very deserving and have truly earned their next belts. You were ready to make that step to the next level and you must now continue to train hard and set your sights on a new goal.


Those who did not pass, must be gentle with themselves and should be so proud that they had a go under such exceptional circumstances. Now is the time to dust yourself off, get better and try again! Last week we had four candidates who needed to retake sections and today, I had the pleasure of sending out their certificates and belts. Well done to Austin Townsend, Zayd Wayne, Jack Bayley and Esme Fagan who have all shown resilience when faced with adversity. They worked hard last week, got better and performed brilliantly. That is what karate is all about. You guys have shown great fighting spirit and have certainly earned my respect. Well done.

Those who didn’t pass this week. You can do it too, you just have to want to try, we will help you do the rest.


The feedback from both Paul Sensei and Mike Sensei has been fantastic and there were some stand out performances worthy of double grading including:


Helen Cowley grading from white belt to red belt. Helen is one our parents who started just before lockdown and has been hooked on training ever since! Incredible work, well done. We also had Darren Williams who trains alongside his son Nathan (a new red belt – well done) graded from orange up to yellow belt. Fantastic achievement!


Zak Wegg successfully graded at the same time as Mum Sarah who passed her Red belt and Dad Benjamin who passed his purple and white belt. Zak was so impressive he went from green belt straight to purple and white. Great work from Team Wegg, keep it up.


Finally, Tris Miles successfully graded to his purple and white belt and was asked to come back later and try for his brown belt. He was fantastic so achieved both belts in the same day. Outstanding! His son Ethan also passed his Yellow belt! Well done.


The examiners were particularly impressed by all of the students who graded to purple and white belt. Although I didn’t see the performances the following students have scored very highly in each area: Loui D’Attorre, Kieran Garcha. Joshua Mangnall, Logan Hill-Critchley, Benjamin Wegg, Jonathan Dabbs, Lydia Palmer, Iris and Joseph Corlett, Joshua Poynton, Oliver Webster and Benjamin Jones. Keep up the magnificent work!


Five students attempted brown belt and all were successful. Brilliant!

Have a look at this for some GIRL POWER! Our new brown belts…..

Isabella Lawrie, Aimee Rothwell, Sophie Rothwell, Clarissa Lyons and Emily Fentem. 


All five girls scored highly in every area, particularly in Kata. We are so excited by the amazing talent coming through and you girls are all future superstars. Keep up everything you are doing because you are all AMAZING! The next generation of girls who can absolutely KICK BUTT! Yes!


What an outstanding bunch of students, all have been dedicated and working hard on our ZOOM sessions and in the dojo prior to that.  We are so pleased and proud of you all. Keep it up and well done.


All the belts, cards and certificates have already been sent out this morning and will be delivered by first class post. Hopefully, you should receive them tomorrow.


Next Grading Date: 

Our next ZOOM Grading will take place on Saturday 11th July. We will take applications from Monday 29th June from students who have completed at least 3 months and 20 lessons since their last grading. This again applies to all students grading up to and including the grade of Brown Belt.

***Brown Belts and 2nd Kyu’s*** 

We have also sought further guidance and taken the decision allow Instructors to invite students who are ready to attempt their 2nd Kyu or 1st Kyu. If you have completed 6 months and 48 lessons since your last grading and would like to be considered for grading, you need to contact your own Instructor and ask what you need to work on. They will offer some advice and may or may not decide to put you forward in front of the examiners.


There is still no fixed date for Dan Gradings. When we can return to the Dojo, arrangements will be made as soon as possible. We do appreciate this is a frustrating experience for those waiting to attempt Black Belt or Nidan, but the current situation is out of our hands and some things in life are just worth the wait. You are all getting better every single lesson. Just keep persevering and you’ll be so glad you did.