ZOOM Class for W/C 11th Jan and other latest news

We’ve had a GREAT first week back. Thank you to everyone who has trained so far. 

It was fantastic to see you all looking well rested and enthusiastic for the year ahead. 

Keep up the amazing work. Super-fit Sunday a huge success so Paul Sensei has decided to do it again on Sunday 24th January 11am-12pm. Thank you to everyone who took part. This will be available to book via the APP and is open to all. You do not have to wear your gi or even do karate! Parents and brothers and sisters are more than welcome to get involved. It will comprise of strength, endurance and conditioning exercises regularly practised by Paul Sensei. 

ZOOM Kyu Grading on Sunday 7th February 

You are now able to book your places at the Kyu Grading which will take place on ZOOM on Sunday 7th February. Places are limited and will run out in the next week or two. If you are due for grading but not sure if you’re ready, it’s a good idea to have a quick chat with your Sensei and book sooner rather than later. 

Grading Rules are as follows:
Students going for 9th to 3rd Kyu
Students who have completed 20 lessons and at least 3 months since they last graded are eligible to grade.

Students going for 2nd Kyu or 1st Kyu shall have completed 40 lessons and at least 6 months since they last graded are eligible to grade. You also need to gain permission from your Instructor.
Registration is to be completed by the student/their parents by Monday 1st February. Please fill in all information carefully and include your full address and postcode as belts will need to be posted to the addresses provided.


For those waiting for a Dan grading: Instructors need at least 4 weeks in the dojo with the Shodan and Nidan candidates before they would realistically be able to take the test. This time would be used to adjust stances,check over Katas/Combinations and increase reaction speed for the kumite drills. For example; if we are lucky enough to return to the dojo’s in mid Feb, I will arrange the grading for mid-March. We WILL get this done. It is a priority.

Karate Uniforms, Licenses and Merchandise

The online shop has now been updated with the all latest Karate uniforms from Adidas. We have you covered for all of your training and equipment needs. All uniforms will be posted out to your home address and include club badges. There is no need to order a badge separately.

We’ve had plenty of license renewals in so thank you very much to those who have renewed. All have been processed and posted out this morning already! If you cannot find your license please email us: info@redtigerkarateclub.co.uk and we can let you know when you are due to renew.

We are also working on a new Club jacket. This will be available to order and personalise in the next few weeks.


1:1 Private Training is available now with the following Instructors:

Paul Wolstencroft Sensei minimum 1hr session @ £20

Callum Miles Sensei 30 minutes @ £10 or 1hr @ £20

Debbie Carter Sensei 30 minutes @ £10 or 1hr @ £20

These will be done on a mutually convenient time and day.

Class Timetable

You can book on any class, with any Instructor and remember it is just £6 a class for the whole household. Please do not book for each member of your household as I will have to cancel the invoices created. Your Instructor will add all members of your household. The following lessons are available to book this week:

Monday 11th January

Stretford class with Rob Sensei and Little Lever class with Nicole Sensei
Tottington class with Mike and Leesa Sensei
Bolton Class with Lily and Lee Sensei
Romiley class with Callum Sensei
Sale class with Debbie and Dave Sensei
Advanced Training with Paul W Sensei for Instructors and students graded to Nidan and above

Tuesday 12th January


Stoneclough class with Callum Sensei

Horwich class with Daryl Sensei

Reddish class with Rob and Rachael Sensei

Radcliffe and Chantlers class with John Dolan and John O Donovan Sensei

Altrincham class with Debbie Sensei

Wednesday 13th January


Darwen Class with Jo Sensei

6.15-7.15pm Little Lever class with Callum Sensei


Chesham class with Teresa Sensei

Handforth and Heald Green class with Debbie and Karen Sensei

Holcombe Brook class with Bernie Sensei

Reddish class with Rachael Wolstencroft Sensei


Squad Class (open to all) with Paul W and Mike B Sensei

Thursday 14th January


Whitefield class with Helen D Sensei

Holcombe Brook class with Mike and Leesa Sensei


Stockton Heath class with Jon C Sensei

Timperley and Standish class with Paul W and Mike B Sensei

Swinton class with Tony D and Su Sensei

Friday 15th January


Elton class with Paul and Rachael W Sensei

Flixton and Sale class with Debbie and Dave Sensei

Chesham class with Denise Sensei

Stretford/Kings Road class with Rob Sensei


Nidan Preparation class with Paul W Sensei

Saturday 16th January


Handforth class with Paul W Sensei

Darwen class with Gary Sensei

Stoneclough class with Emma and Daryl Sensei

Sunday 17th January


As always keep safe and we will see you all on ZOOM!