Yamaguchi Sensei JKS Courses a great success!!

We are delighted to report that Takashi Yamaguchi’s courses were a thoroughly enjoyable experience for everybody who attended.
There was a huge turnout for both courses held in Bolton on Tuesday 31st March and the feedback from the students and our guests has been excellent.
Yamaguchi Sensei is clearly an inspirational karateka and both courses proved that he is an imaginative and creative Instructor. You leave his session with so many ways you can improve your karate based on the principles taught and by simply watching the way he moves and performs techniques.
We would like to say a big thank you to all the students and Instructors who attended from Red Tiger and other JKS Clubs and to Alan Campbell Sensei and Wendy Preston for choosing our Club host this legendary Instructor.
Yamaguchi-Sensei 1
Many of our students are very young and the behaviour, effort and enthusiasm from the children in attendance made us extremely proud of you all. Ella Rylance, Ellis Pindoria-Stott, Phill Burton and Sam Jackson even got to work with Yamaguchi Sensei, an experience which I am sure they will never forget! What an honour.
Click on the link below and watch a video of Ellis completing the kumite drills that Sensei taught in the first session.

Yamaguchi Sensei also presented some Dan Grade certificates at the start of the 2nd session to some of the students and Instructors who passed their Dan grades last November. This was very kind gesture from Sensei who willingly gave his time up for everybody who wanted a photograph or their Karate Uniform and tickets signed.
Thanks to the following Senior Instructors from JKS who came to visit our Club and train with Yamaguchi Sensei – Matt Price Sensei, Steve Carless Sensei, Paul Allison Sensei and Hans Rana Sensei.
For those of you who were wondering, Yamaguchi Sensei taught an Asai Sensei Kata in the 1st session, it was called Kakyoku Sandan. He then demonstrated impressively exactly how it should be performed and below you can watch the video taken by Mike Baron Sensei:

As you can see, Mike Baron Sensei and Michelle Baron took some cracking photographs and videos throughout the session. Thank you both very much for doing this and processing them all so quickly.
You can view the whole album by following the link below:
Yamaguchi Sensei images………..
Password is (lowercase): rty
There are also some great photographs and videos on our Red Tiger Karate facebook group page. You have to request to join as this is a members only group.
We are looking forward to seeing and learning from Yamaguchi again in the future.