Wilmslow Grading Results: 21-05-2016


We held a Kyu Grading for our students training in the Wilmslow and Cheshire areas of our Club on Saturday 21st May.

The students were made to work very hard throughout the grading and the standard in the area was superb. Karen Howes Sensei and her teaching team – Therese Stevinson, Juliette Stevinson and Georgia Dyal have clearly done a fantastic job in making sure that students were fully prepared. We are delighted to say that everybody who attempted grading was successful!

We were impressed by just about everyone. The white belts could all do Kata Heain Shodan without needing somebody to demonstrate and the two adults grading for the first time Jeannette and Darren were fantastic. This was the best batch of white belts we have seen in a long time.

There was some very tough competition for Student of the Grading and in the end, Paul Wolstencroft Sensei selected new orange belt Alfie Marcombe for his outstanding effort and high standard at his very first grading. This is a very talented youngster with a bright future if he can manage to stay focused. Well done Alfie. Your first trophy of many we are sure.

Vicki Atkins from the Handforth class was also very impressive grading to 8th Kyu Red Belt. She did the Handforth class beforehand and was shattered by the end. What a fab student.

The higher up the grades we go, there is a lot more to learn and concentrate on which can be difficult for our younger students. However, we are lucky to have a lot of bright and talented youngsters training in the Wilmslow class and they all did absolutely brilliantly. The two juniors attempting yellow belt Amber Smythe and Ben Brookes tried really hard and we were really impressed with both of them.

Georgia Jackson, Jude Smythe, Lucy Crabtree, Anthony Greenough and Freyja Lundin all successfully attempted their 5th Kyu purple belts.  All five tried as hard as they could throughout the grading and were particularly impressive in the Kata section. We fully believe they gave their best and that is all we can ask for!

A little more practise of the kumite drills will be beneficial next time around but overall, the performances they put in were excellent and that’s exactly what we wanted to see from our students moving onwards and upwards towards their brown belts. Fantastic!

Noah Vernon was one of the youngest students on the day and attempted his 4th Kyu purple belt with a white stripe which was the highest grade we looked at. Noah was excellent in all areas (as he always is), he is a great all-rounder with limitless potential. This bright little superstar really knows his stuff and is a pleasure to teach.

His Katas were excellent and we would hope that his performance was inspirational for the other children grading on the day. He fought bravely in the kumite and really pushed himself beyond his limits after completing the earlier Handforth class aswell as the grading. He looked thoroughly exhausted by the end.

What a talented and determined little man. We are sure his parents are incredibly proud of him. We would hope that he may consider becoming one of our Cadet Leaders in the future and help our other children become as good as he is. A wonderful little role-model indeed.

Well done to everyone and a huge thank you to Dave Robertson Sensei and Karen Howes Sensei who both prepared their students brilliantly and were a great help to us on the day.

Thanks to the parents and supporters who make it all possible. Without your support and encouragement, these events and achievements would just not be possible.