Wilmslow Grading Results: 12-11-2016


We held a grading for our students training in the Wilmslow/Handforth area on Saturday 12th November.

Although the students grading in this area are attempting predominantly lower grades, there is always a high work rate and an excellent standard on display. We were very pleased with how the students are making progress with improvement made in all areas.

There were a few students grading for the very first time who did a fantastic job. Even though they were very young, they stayed focused throughout the grading and performed Heian Shodan to a good standard. Excellent stuff – well done.

The majority of students were from Sensei Karen Andersons dojo, training every Tuesday at the Handforth Community Centre with Sensei Karen, Sempai Therese and Cadet Leaders – Juliette, Georgie and Noah. The Instructor team are all doing a great job. The students all had strong basics, knew the correct pattern of the Katas, showed good knowledge of the combinations and finally, were fierce when it came to the kumite.

Congratulations to all the students who successfully passed and the Instructor team for getting them so well prepared.

Ben Brookes from the Sale dojo graded to green belt and showed excellent improvement – well done and keep up the great work.

There were four fantastic little boys from our Lacey Green afterschool club who all tried really hard and showed amazing concentration. Well done to Sam and Austin Rowley, Jameson Rodger and Joshua Murray who all earned their 7th Kyu Yellow Belts. Vicki Atkins from the Handforth class was also very impressive and worked extremely hard from start to finish. She also earned her yellow belt. Well done.

We must congratulate sisters Poppy and Lily Robertson for setting the standard and achieving the highest grades on the day. Both girls battled their nerves and successfully passed their 5th Kyu purple belts. Hopefully, both girls will be able to find more confidence after working so hard. They both have great karate and would improve further once they start to have a bit more self-belief.

Tiarnan Walsh from the Handforth class and Charlotte Griffiths from the Cheadle class not only earned their next grades but were also rewarded with a Student of the Grading trophy. Both Tiarnan and Charlotte worked tirelessly from start to finish and showed us that they have amazing potential. We are very excited to see how much they will develop and how much better they will be next time around. Great job, well done.