Handforth Grading Results: 02-07-2016

Congratulations to all our students who successfully earned their next belts at our Handforth grading on Saturday 2nd July.

The students were excellent and worked really hard throughout. It was an intensive and warm two hours and all of the students looked sharp, focused and thoroughly determined to achieve their next grades.

We had students grading for the very first time right through to 2nd Kyu Brown Belt with a white stripe.

The majority of the students grading were from Lacey Green Primary School where we two incredibly successful Afterschool clubs and the pupils are a pleasure to teach. The behaviour and effort among the children and particularly the lower grades was absolutely marvellous. The beginners were fab and we were really impressed!

Oliver Jackson was the only adult grading on the day and he worked extremely hard from start to finish. He knows he has plenty to work on but overall, his effort and spirit was excellent and we were happy for him to progress to his purple belt. Well done.

There were some brilliant performances from the orange belts going to red belts and the two little boys Daniel Seal and Adam Dronsfield who went for their yellow belt tried really hard. Paul Wolstencroft Sensei was so impressed with Adam Dronsfield from Sensei Lorraine’s class, that he awarded him the Student of the Grading trophy for his high standard and awesome kumite. Well done Adam, a yellow belt and a trophy, not bad for an afternoons’ work. Keiran Garcha who was awarded his red belt was also fantastic and was picked out to demonstrate his excellent back kick! What a future superstar!

Jerry Lin, Adam and Amy Hudson all did brilliantly to earn their green belts as did Lola Musique-Hargreaves who bravely battled her nerves to get her purple and white belt. She showed a very high standard indeed. There was a lot to work on in her katas but her kumite and fighting spirit was excellent.

Martha Sergeant was our only student attempting her brown belt and she is progressing very well. She is one of our Cadet Leaders and had a really good grading. Again, there is room for improvement in her katas but she was a brave little firecracker in the kumite putting together some excellent combinations and landed some great kicks. Well done.

Lewis Owen and Toby Pepper went for 2nd Kyu on the day and both did brilliantly throughout the grading. They have been with us in our Lacey Green class since the very beginning back in 2011. Lewis is now in Year 6 and is due to leave in July and we will be very sad to see him go from our Tuesday class. It won’t be the same without him in September. Both boys had strong basic strikes, kicks, stances and blocks and did very well in the combinations section. The Katas could be improved considerably if they trained twice a week and practiced a little more at home.

The kumite section was the making of Lewis and the unfortunate downfall of Toby who will need to retake this section in order to complete his grading. Toby must learn to control is emotions during kumite and try to think more about showing his defensive skills as well as his offense skills and he could do brilliantly. He has missed a few classes due to injury and when fatigue sets in, it is important to keep a calm and cool head.

He has a lot of potential and we must be responsible when giving out higher belts to our younger children and ensure that they can properly look after themselves. We hope that Toby will return and be determined to finish what he has started. He is a talented and courageous young man who has all the potential to be the first Pepper Black Belt. It would be great to see him give it another try.

Lewis really enjoys his kumite and by far, this is the best part of his karate. He loves to spar and get stuck in and fought really hard for his 2nd kyu knowing that he messed up a bit in the katas. We take the whole performance into account and believe that Lewis is ready to progress to the next step of 2nd Kyu and we would hope and pray that he will continue his karate journey once he leaves Lacey Green. He is a lovely young man and we like him a lot! He has great potential and it would be a shame if that went to waste.

Huge thanks to Sensei Brandon, Sensei Callum, Sensei Lorraine and Sempai Anthony for their help throughout the afternoon. Thanks also to the parents for their support and giving their time up to encourage their children on the day. You really do make the difference and without your support the children could not achieve such great things.