UTW 11 – Such a great weekend. Thank you all!

We’d like to say a massive thank you to all of the students, Instructors and families who came to our 11th Ultimate Training Weekend at Presthaven Sands Holiday Park in North Wales.

From our first-timers to the few who have attended all 11, everyone was so excited to be there on the Friday night and the atmosphere was absolutely buzzing. We were all eager to train hard, learn loads and just have a brilliant time and that is exactly what we did.

Of course first and foremost this is a karate weekend, we are all there to practise what we love to do, but over the years it has become so much more and continues to be the number 1 event on our calendar. I put it on the website many months ago at 4pm and it had literally sold out by 9.30pm!

Without the support of our parents and the families, we would have no event. You all stick together, look out for one another and lasting friendships and so many memories are made on these events. We really do have such a laugh so thank you everyone!

With the line up of Instructors, we knew this was going to be a special one and all 4 Sensei’s certainly did not disappoint. We’d like to say a huge thank you to Matt Price Sensei, Hans Rana Sensei, Tom Little Sensei and Paul Wolstencroft Sensei for delivering creative, informative and challenging sessions. We all learned so much and have lots to keep us busy and help us all to improve our karate.

Paul Wolstencroft Sensei taught on the Friday evening and it was a really good beasting session to prepare us all (or kill some of us off) for Saturdays training. We got through so much; from kihon to kicks to fitness drills, I can barely believe he managed to cram it into just an hour and a half!

We split into sections throughout Saturday with all the Instructors rotating round the groups. We worked on Kicking drills, chokes, takedowns, strength and conditioning, combinations, Asai Ryu Kata Suishu with Hans Rana Sensei, anti-bullying and self defence techniques with Matt Price Sensei and our squad got their very own kumite session with the JKS England Mens Kumite Champion Tom Little Sensei. There were also a few team games to keep the little kids and the big kids entertained.

I think it is fair to say that most of us were absolutely exhausted by the end. Everyone was rewarded with a certificate for their efforts over the two days and they were very well deserved.

Huge congratulations to the following students who were awarded large trophies by the Guest Instructors:

Matt Price Sensei Award: Lori-Ann Moran

Hans Rana Sensei Award: Phill Burton

Paul Wolstencroft Sensei Award: Adam Karabedian

Tom Little Sensei Award: Andy Matanle


As always the wonderful Michelle Baron was there to capture all the best moments of the day and has taken over 500 photographs. They are brilliant! Mike Baron Sensei has processed and edited them all to make us all look pretty! Thank you both so much, we really appreciate what you both do. Vanilla Pod Studios really are number 1!

To view the photos follow the link below and type in the password:

PASSWORD : utw11 (lower case, no gap)
There was some fantastic Karaoke in the bar and now that we have had chance to think about who hurt our ears the least, we will be awarding the Best Karaoke Award to Phil Fellone. Congratulations!
Callum Miles got the Golden Poo award for his terrible singing and dancing to the Macarena. It was however, highly entertaining for the rest of us! Well done!
If you have any comments or feedback for us to improve the weekend please let your Instructor know or send us an email at info@redtigerkarateclub.co.uk
We will be booking the next one for late September or early October and it could be moving to Haf’ ny’ mor Haven where they have a brand new 3 million pound swimming pool and sports hall development. An announcement will be made in July when and where UTW 12 will be happening.

Thanks again everyone, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Giuseppe looks like he particularly enjoyed his photo at the end!