Ultimate Training Weekend Write Up and Photographs

We have just returned from another hugely successful Ultimate Training Weekend. This was our 7th event at Presthaven Sands in Prestatyn and has arguably been the best one yet. The feedback so far from those taking part and the Guest Instructors has been very positive, with lots of people already enquiring about the next one and asking for a similar line up of Instructors.
We must begin by saying a massive thank you to all the students, RTK Instructors and families who attended. Without your support, these events would not be possible at all. Lasting friendships are made at the UTW both inside and outside of the dojo. This happens not only between the students, but also between the parents who genuinely enjoy getting to know one another better.
Our Instructor team are so important in many ways, they guide and motivate our students to take part in these events and really look after them whilst training. There are so many Instructors around who never step in line and are far too good to train alongside their own students. Thankfully none of those are Red Tiger Instructors. Our Instructors lead by example, train hard week in, week out and know that the learning never stops. They are always helpful in so many ways. From setting up the dojo, signing in, administering first aid, helping students, clearing everything away, organizing and editing photographs and looking after our Guest Instructors, all of our Instructors are absolute stars and we cannot thank you enough.
There are lots of photographs of the training and the big night out that have already been posted on Facebook for you to look through. If you are not already a member of our Facebook group, you just need to look for ‘Red Tiger Karate’ in ‘groups’ and request to join. Once we approve you, you’ll be able to view and add to the photographs if you have any to share.  Mike Sensei and Michelle Baron have already processed the official photos and kindly uploaded them to their Vanilla Pod photography site. All the photographs are fab! Thank you both so much for your hard work and expertise. Click the link below to view the gallery and you can download any pictures you might want to keep. The password for the gallery is (lowercase): rtk
Vanilla Pod Photography UTW Gallery
You can see from the pictures that the karate was quite challenging and a tremendous amount was learned over the whole weekend. You really capture a sense of how much everybody enjoyed themselves throughout the training, and all those fantastic moments when the Guest Instructors showed us some incredible demonstrations.

Guest Instructors

Thank you to Lloyd Birt Sensei 2nd Dan who at short notice, delivered two superb sessions which will help us improve our Kata. He also demonstrated an awe-inspiring Kata; Gojoshiho-Sho, which is one of the Katas he performs at International and domestic competitions. Lloyd Sensei awarded his Guest Instructor trophy to the always impressive Matthew Affleck, so big congratulations to Matthew.
Thank you to Ashley Scott Sensei 4th Dan who has recently undergone ankle surgery and still managed to teach 2 brilliant sessions. Ashley Sensei is a very imaginative and talented Instructor who always manages to deliver challenging, yet thoroughly enjoyable classes. Next time you see her, she will be fighting-fit and impressing you all with her exceptional kumite skills. Ashley Sensei awarded her trophy to Sam Jackson. Congratulations Sam for increasing your rapidly-growing trophy and medal collection.
Thank you to Nick Heald Sensei 6th Dan who is also recovering from a recent knee operation. Nick Sensei alongside Matt Price Sensei run the Leeds Karate Academy, one of the leading dojo’s in the UK and renowned for producing outstanding and formidable competitors. Both Matt and Nick Sensei enjoyed long and successful competitive careers and are two of the very best and most experienced coaches you will ever be lucky enough to train with.
Nick Sensei taught some brilliant developmental training drills for kumite which we all enjoyed very much. He then broke down one of the most difficult katas to teach; ‘Tekki Sandan’ in such a way that by the end of the session, not only had the vast majority of students grasped the pattern, we could also perform some of the Bunkai. A very patient and methodical Instructor who I’m certain we would all love to train with over and over again, even though he did make us do the 5 minute plank! Nick Sensei awarded his trophy to purple belt Molly Austin-Hogsden who managed to impress just about everybody by repeatedly performing Kata ‘Heian Shodan’ – backwards! I feel confused just thinking about it! Well done Molly.
Lastly, we must thank Matt Price Sensei who is the one person who originally inspired us to join the JKS in the first place. This is one very special Instructor you can always rely on to impress and inspire your students, and always deliver original teaching ideas and well planned class. He is a formidable karateka who manages to make karate look so easy, yet completely devastating at the same time. There is nothing Matt Sensei cannot do or teach very well and he always leads by example. We covered Kata, kicking, takedowns, sweeps, sweep defense, point scoring techniques, striking, grappling and much more. We look forward to teaming up with you again later on this year. Matt Sensei chose Scott Galvin to receive his award for showing consistent improvement. Well done Scott, it has been one very good year for you so far! (Apart from getting a cardboard box stuck on your head in the caravan! So funny!).
Our Chief Instructor did a fab job of hosting the event and it was fantastic to see our friend Gary Welch Sensei 5th Dan visiting and training with us all. We have missed you and you are always welcome at Red Tiger. Paul Wolstencroft Sensei took part in all of the training but was watching all the students carefully so that he could select one and award them a Club trophy. Paul Sensei chose Josh Thomas Newburn as he worked hard across the whole of the weekend and has a very high standard considering he has not been training for very long. Well done Josh and keep up the great work.
We are already planning the next one for later on this year so any or all feedback will be welcomed and gratefully received. We know there is always room for improvement so your honest opinions matter. Please look out for information coming out over the next few months regarding the dates and Instructors booked for the next one and we can try and make it even better!