Two newly qualified Assistant Instructors!

Congratulations to both Nicci Gates and Rob Head who have both successfully passed their Assistant Instructor examinations with flying colours.
Both assessments took place on Wednesday 7th October with Nicci teaching the Reddish class and Rob teaching the Sharples class.
Mike Beckwith Simageensei assessed Nicci at one of the largest classes in the Club which could be daunting for even our most experienced Instructors, however Nicci is never one for shyness and did extremely well. Mike Beckwith Sensei made the following comments:
“Nicci had prepared well for her assessment with a detailed and well structured class plan. She passed each section with flying colours. Although there were a couple of slight mistakes with the delivery, this was due more to nerves than lack of knowledge. However, once she got into the swing of things, she appeared more confident and delivered the class with confidence and even more impressively – the correct use of Japanese terminology throughout.
Her class flowed well from section to section with some very helpful cadet leaders and the students did their part in working well for her and setting a great example.
Although she didn’t manage to do everything in her class plan, she did everything needed to deliver a good class and it is always better to plan too much and run out of time, than too little and struggle to fill time.
Nicci has natural leadership qualities which are vital when we are looking at potential Sensei’s. She teaches with confidence and kept control of a huge class with ease. I’m sure with further input from her Instructors she too will become a valued and well respected member of the Instructor team.”
Thanks should go to Nicci’s supervising Instructors Lorraine Schofield Sensei and Steve Dargan Sensei for helping Nicci reach this milestone.
Paul Wolstencroft Sensei assessed Rob Head at the Sharples class in Bolton. He was very impressed and made the following comments:
“We have been trying to encourage Rob to begin teaching for absolutely ages due to his kind, patient and encouraging manner with his fellow students. He has recently gained in confidence and finally felt ready to be assessed.
Rob coped brilliantly in a class ranging from White belts right up to 2nd Kyu’s. He kept them moving, kept it fun and delivered a thoroughly enjoyable class. I am delighted that he passed his assessment and showed a sound understanding of the syllabus. Rob is a competent and natural Instructor and proved this throughout the assessment. He maintained good control of the group and finished his assessment with a high pass mark .
Congratulations Rob, a great addition to the Instructor team. With a little more practise and self-belief, I am sure you will lead by example and go on produce quality students.”
Thanks to Dave Robertson Sensei and Debbie Carter Sensei for helping Rob to gain the confidence to begin teaching, supporting him weekly enabling him to pass his assessment.