Two new Assistants in 2 days as Steve Tipton passes his exam!

More fantastic Instructor news as Steve Tipton who travels all over Greater Manchester to train 4 times a week is the second person to pass the Assistant Instructor assessment this week!
July has turned out to be one of the best months ever in the Tipton house as Steve and his beautiful daughters Annalea and Georgia graded to Shodan at the beginning of the month, now Steve has completed the Assistant Instructor assessment at his very first attempt.
Not bad for somebody who had little confidence in his ability to teach and pass on karate to others. We thrilled for you Steve and knew you could do it. Big thanks to his supervising Instructors Jonathon Walls Sensei and before that, Regan Owens Sensei for working with Steve and helping him along the way. Huge thanks to Mike Beckwith Sensei for taking the time to assess Steve and making him a very happy man!
We are confident that you would run a great class because you know exactly what you are looking for and always work very hard to lead by example. It does help that you are a lovely bloke with a wonderful family behind you.
Mike Beckwith Sensei 3rd Dan conducted his assessment and was very impressed. He made the following comments:
“As we have just started the School Holidays it was small class at Aspull, which can be hard work for the best instructor’s but Steve showed at lot of enthusiasm and led a good class.
He started off somewhat nervously with stances but he soon got into a rhythm and kept the class moving.
There were some good demonstrations given and Steve worked students hard through the strikes and blocks.
He made good use of the cadet leaders in the stretching and kicks. As he is not as flexible as most others he made sure that his cadet leaders demonstrated well, but Steve still made some good points and knew what good form is needed, posture etc and what he knew exactly what he was looking for.
Steve then moved on to combinations which was another good section with great use of cadet leaders to demonstrate.
Although time was against him, he still managed to get an excellent kata and kumite section in with lots of encouragement and corrections /and bunkai explanations.
All in all a great class and I am sure you will become a vaued member of the Instructor team as your confidence will just grow and grow.
Well done Steve – you did brilliantly!”
Assistant Instructors are on fire at the moment! I wonder who will be next? ? ?