Every year we host our Club Tournament for the members of Red Tiger Karate Club to take part in. This offers our students a chance to test their skills against students of a similar age and grade from other Red Tiger dojos.

Our Tournament has been running since 2007 and over the years there have been some outstanding performances of both Kata and Kumite and it by far is our most popular event in the RTK calendar.

Certificates, Medals and Trophies

You can win gold silver and bronze medals as well as trophies to keep and show your family and friends. Everyone who takes part goes home with a large certificate to reward them for taking part, that way nobody goes home empty handed.

Relaxed atmosphere, making friends and having fun

The difference between our tournament and other external tournaments is that it is a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Students can support one another all day. Our Instructors take part in referee training and officiate all day. We make sure that everything runs smoothly and are there to look after all competitors on the day.

From Beginners to Black Belts  – Just give it a go!

We have categories for everyone, even if you have only been doing karate for a few weeks, you can enter our white belts categories. We have categories from 5-6 year olds right up to Adult Veterans.  Where ever you are up to, you should come and give it a go, you’ll learn nothing sat on the couch!

Events Schedule

No need to hang around all day!

Our team is well organised and we run a tight events schedule from 10am right through till 4pm on 3 separate matted areas. There is no need to be there all day, simply turn up for your event, do your best and the medals and certificates are awarded straight after the event.

It will be a great day and look out for Information and entry forms which will become available nearer the event.

Compete against students of a similar age and grade level

Why try to keep our categories fairly small to give everyone a good chance of winning one of our medals or trophies. You will be competing against students of a similar age and grade level to keep everything as fair as possible.  The events schedule is put on the news page the day before so that everyone can see who they are up against in their category.

Reasonably priced and it’s free to come and support

Our tournament is very reasonably priced. Categories and pricing information will be available soon.

Opportunity with the JKS England Squad

There is the opportunity to be selected for the JKS England squad which competes at National, European (EKF) and World (WKF) level competitions.

The England squad is coached by Matt Price Sensei 6th Dan and Nick Heald Sensei 6th Dan. Both have enjoyed long and highly successful competitive careers and have proven themselves to be equally successful when it comes to coaching their team.

Regular squad training is based at Leeds Karate Academy. This JKS England squad is very successful and regularly collects large hauls of trophies and medals from competitions they take part in.

The squad has recently taken part in the JKS European Championships and come back with a few European Champions as well as a host of Silver and Bronze Medals.

RTK Club Championships 2019


Tournament Squad Training

Dedicated Tournament Squad Training is available every Wednesday evening from 7pm-8pm at Thornleigh Salesian Sports College, Sharples Park, Bolton, BL1 6PQ every week. This is an intensive training class which solely focuses on enhancing your tournament performance of both Kata and Kumite. The is also a gruelling fitness section to help you build stamina so you can perform at your best all day.

This class is run by Paul Wolstencroft Sensei 5th Dan, Mike Baron Sensei 2nd Dan and is open to anyone who is interested in representing our Club at Tournaments or joining the JKS England Squad and competing at National level.

Cost: £6 per class