Thank to everyone who came to our fitness, kata and kumite bootcamp!


Huge thanks to everyone who attended and made our first ever fitness, kata and kumite bootcamp a big success. Thanks to Mike Beckwith Sensei and Rob Head Sensei who both helped out with teaching sections.

We hope you enjoyed it, learned lots and challenged yourself. If you have any suggestions to make this event better, we’d love to hear them as it’s something we are keen to do again soon. So many lower grades, higher grades and Instructors took advantage of this opportunity and it was great to see everyone working together and motivating each other. I’m going to buy a LOUD boombox so the music can be louder but any other suggestions please do let us know!

I’m sure there will be a few aching muscles today but at the time, we all felt great haha!

Paul Towler once again gave up his time and has already uploaded the photo’s taken at yesterdays course. Big thank you to Paul for doing this, there are some cracking shots. Feel free to download, print and share your photo’s. They are fab!

Here is the link: