Mark Ellicott

Class – Little Lever Monday Grade – Nidan Black Belt Profile – Coming Soon…

Grace Baron

Class –  Standish Grade – Nidan Black Belt Profile – coming soon…..

Daryl Brady

Name: Daryl Michael Brady Nickname: none – feel free to come up with one! Grade: Nidan Dojo/s: I’m a fairly new instructor and have been teaching just over a year. My partner Emma Sensei and I had a baby last year so whilst she was pregnant and on maternity leave I covered her classes. I … Read more

Jon Curtis

Name: Jon Curtis Nickname: Jonboy Grade: 1stKyu, Brown with 2 white stripes Dojo: Stockton Heath (Warrington) Tuesday class and Stockton Heath Thursday class Why did you start: Like many other instructors I started because of my children. A very good friend of mine, Andy Perris, had trained with Red Tiger with his son for a … Read more

Lee Edwards

Name: Lee Edwards Nickname: Eddy; Jackie Khan (from my wife); Barnacle (a friend who I did not get on with called me this from school); Shaggy (from scooby doo because of the beard) Grade: 2ndDan Black Belt achieved in November 2017 Dojo/s: I teach the beginners class at Thornleigh on Monday night. I also use … Read more

Jaime Padron

Name: Jaime Padron (It’s Spanish and my first name is pronounced “Hi-Me”) Nickname: Jaime, Jamie, James, Jimmy, Jammy, Himmy, Hammy Why Did You Start and What Keeps You Training? My Karate Journey started in 1991 when I attended a local Dojo in Tenerife, Spain. I remember neither the name of the club nor that of … Read more

Helen Dolan

Name: Helen Dolan Nickname: H, Henry (childhood nickname from being a tomboy!). Most things John Sensei calls me can’t be repeated here! Grade: Shodan, 1st Dan Black Belt Dojo/s: I am lead instructor for the Whitefield Dojo and help John Sensei out at the Radcliffe Dojo. I train at Thornleigh for Senior class, Darwen Dojo … Read more

Aurelie Girault

Name: Aurélie Girault and if you wondering how to say my first name it’s oh ray lee. If you thought I was French then yes you’re right (maybe my “slight” accent gave it away) Nickname: Lily /Lil Grade: Nidan (2nd Dan Black Belt) Dojo/s: I teach at St Thomas Primary school in Leigh on Tuesdays. … Read more