Tony Davies

Grade: Sandan 3rd Dan Black Belt

Classes:  Swinton

I have been training in Shotokan / Goju Ryu karate since 1998. My first club was Go-Kan-Ryu training under Paul O Donnell and joined Red Tiger Karate in 2006.

I graded to Shodan-ho (black belt) in December 2004 and Shodan (1st Dan black belt) in September 2006.

My karate journey started with the usual knock on the door and somebody asking if I would be interested in karate. As an acquaintance had just been mugged I was thinking about self-defence and joined up that night.

I can honestly say it was one of the best things I have ever done. At my first class there was a young man at the front assisting (sempai), this was the first time I met Paul Wolstencroft (then only 16 years old!) who is now the Chief Instructor for Red Tiger Karate Club. Paul’s enthusiasm for karate rubs off on everyone he meets.

I would recommend karate for everyone; you will learn self-defence as well as improving your fitness and confidence. None of this is possible without listening and hard work. Karate is a marathon and not a sprint and in our Club, you are looking at approximately five to six years of hard work before you can take a black belt grade.

I enjoy teaching and like to see my students passing to the next level on grading days.

Hope to see you at my Thursday night class for some hard training.