Mike Beckwith

Mike Beckwith

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Sensei Mike Beckwith

Grade: 4th Dan Black Belt Yondan

Class: Whitefield and Cheadle

Hi Everyone,

My name is Mike Beckwith and I am fortunate enough to be a Senior Instructor with Red Tiger Karate. Firstly thank you for taking the time to look around our site whether you are an existing student or are contemplating joining us.

I have been training in Karate for over 20 years with my wife Leesa (who is also an Instructor with the club). The whole aim of everyone here is to make Karate fun and enjoyable for anyone who wants to have a go, as well as teaching the core principles of respect, etiquette and discipline.

For a lot of people Karate starts with coming to class once or twice a week to get a bit fitter and get a bit of a sweat on but it evolves into their personal and social lives away from the Dojo too. This is one of the more subtle parts of Karate that I think a lot of people overlook, but is one of the things that I think has the greatest effect on people.

I believe this to be due to the fact that Karate gives you confidence in yourself, belief in your abilities, humility to respect other people and responsibility for your actions.

The great thing about Karate in my opinion is that it has something for everyone young and old, team player or Individual. It is a very personal thing in so far as you only get out what you put into your training; however, you have the backing and support of your fellow Karate ka within the dojo and the rest of the club.

I also like the fact that families can train together and support each other and more than just training in Karate really becomes a way of life.

We as Instructors are here to guide and encourage you on your way to Black belt and beyond, we are here to support you through the times when you feel you are not progressing and to share the times when you are flying along and having a great time. (We all go through these stages even now as Black belts)

So if you would like to improve your self-confidence as well as your health and fitness, we look forward to seeing you at a class soon.

For some people the hardest part is actually getting into a class and joining in. What you need to remember is that we have all been in your shoes too, starting as a brand new student wondering what on earth is going to happen. Hopefully you will have the confidence to come and have a go and get over that fear / inhibition.

Talk to the Sensei let them know how you feel, they will fully understand and give you the encouragement to carry on and who knows you could be one of our future black belts!!!

So, hopefully I will see you all soon, either in your class or better still at your next Grading, and if you are ever near Whitefield dojo pop in and enjoy the fun!! Give it a go – what have you got to lose??


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