Mike Baron

Grade: Nidan 2nd Dan Black Belt

Classes: Horwich and Standish

Hi I’m Mike

Thank you for taking time to read my profile. I’m the branch instructor at our Standish dojo in Wigan and Dallas Rd in Lancaster.  Before I start, Red Tiger is a great family karate club!

My karate path started some time ago were I worked my way to 2nd kyu over 5 years in the same style as Red Tiger which is shotokan. Even though I loved my karate back then I had to stop training due to work commitments at the time, and I did miss the training. It was at a very traditional club, one were you had to work hard to earn your next belt, which I personally appreciated.

My Red Tiger story is like most, we get the chance when our children start. I always said to my eldest daughter Grace, that if she wanted to start karate I would start as a white belt with her and work through our belts side by side. We looked at other clubs but never felt the same buzz I’d felt in the past and then one day Grace came home from school with a letter asking if she would like to attend a new karate class starting at her school in Aspull. I sat watching for a few weeks and then I couldn’t sit on my hands any longer, so the next week I turned up and got in line with Grace and around twenty of her school mates.

I got the karate bug again straight away and it turned out Grace was a bit of a natural, she wanted to train more so we picked up another class with the chief instructor Sensei Paul over in Bolton on a Monday night. We walked in for our first session at Bolton rather nervously as after being in a class were we knew everyone at our local Aspull class, we lined up alongside strangers but from the start we were made to feel so welcome and had a great session so by the end it was “so see you next week then” from everyone there. Before we knew it we were part of the Red Tiger family.

Grace was asked if she would like to be the cadet leader at Aspull and I was asked if I wanted to start on the instructor program and take the roll of sempai (assistant instructor) at Aspull which we both jumped at. I carried on with the program and after a sometime I earned my Sensei status which I really do appreciate. It wasn’t long before it really did become a family affair, as my wife Michelle and youngest daughter Izzy also started to train.

With training in karate before and now being older and a little wiser I saw that Red Tiger is a great family club to be part of, with the traditional style being followed, etiquette, discipline and a great way to get fit. You train to the best of your ability, and remember not everyone is Bruce Lee.

I do hope you read this and feel that this is the karate club for you. Where else can you and your family meet people that become good friends inside and outside the club, have fun and keep fit. Your children can make good friends with a great bunch of other kids and you will see their confidence grow.

Karate is a very personal journey, that some go along quicker than others but with the Red Tiger family here to support you every step of the way, we hope your journey will be an enjoyable one .

We hope to see you soon !