Emma Ginn

Name: Emma Ginn
Nickname: Ginny and Em
Grade: Nidan
Dojos: I became an instructor 7 years ago and my first dojo was Clifton. 2 years later I took over the Stoneclough dojo on Saturdays as well. I had to take a year out from teaching last year as Daryl Sensei and I welcomed our baby girl and I have just recently just come back to teaching and training. My current dojos now are Claypool on Tuesdays and Stoneclough on Saturdays which I co-teach with Daryl Sensei so you get double the trouble!
Full time or volunteer: volunteer though I feel like a full timer…can’t get enough of being an instructor each year gets better and better!
What keeps you training? I started karate when I was 22 and my brother was 12. He wanted a hobby and wanted to give it a go so I went along and thought why not give it a go it looks fun! I also wanted a new hobby as I did ballet for 14 years and stopped when I was in high school (hanging out with my friends was became more important!) but I missed doing something like that. I joined a Korean club with my brother and left after 2 years as I wasn’t overly happy there and there weren’t enough classes. I still wanted to carry on with karate as I had got the bug for it now and that’s when I joined Red Tiger and I have never looked back! The sport in itself keeps me coming back but also the people you meet through the club and all the opportunities you have whether it’s going to train in Japan, competing and gradings.
It’s not been an easy journey to get to Nidan I had a few injuries with my knee and it took me 3 attempts to pass my Nidan. Am I ashamed of this?! Definitely not! Yes it was heartbreaking to know you didn’t pass a section but it takes a true karateka to come back fighting and not once but twice! I wasn’t for giving up – I trained more and had 1 on 1 sessions with Paul Sensei and went in with the attitude that it wasn’t going to be a No this time! Not only did I pass this time I got to grade alongside Daryl Sensei which made it that bit more special. Never give up on a dream as you will get there if you put the effort in with the right attitude.
Job in the real world? I’m a case handler for a medical agency….not the most exciting job but it pays the bills!
Favourite part of karate: I love learning katas but I also love a good spar as even though it’s my weaker area it makes me push myself to be better at it and sometimes I do surprise myself with it! I love the tournaments as well (hence why I chose my photo!) This was the last Red Tiger tournament I entered and I was really happy with my performance. I recommend competing to anyone….medals or not just getting up on the matt to show off your kata and/or kumite is great fun!
Hobbies other than karate: I love going for a good long swim and a huge fan of yoga, pilates and body balance. I go to the gym when I can and I help out reffing at our gym’s strongman competitions! I’ve also got a baby girl and 3 cats that keep me very busy when I’m not doing the above!