Callum Miles

Grade: 2nd Dan Nidan Black Belt

Classes: Stoneclough, Little Lever, Bury, Stockport. 

I started my karate journey with a knock on the door in 2008. I’ve always been a sporty person so I said yes to join up with Red Tiger. I looked on the web to find a dojo and I came across the little lever class, so I went to it. I was really shy with new things however Sensei Paul was wonderful, he talked me though what Red Tiger is all about and he made me feel comfortable throughout out the classes.

I really enjoyed it and kept on training hard each week. When I got my yellow belt Sensei Paul allowed me to start sparring. As soon as I could get my mitts and pads on they were stuck on! I loved putting all the moves I had learned into practise. I wasn’t great at sparring but I tried my best. Soon after there was a Club Tournament, so I tried that out and I found it brilliant and I’ve been to two more since.

When I got my green belt Sensei David (who had taken over the Little Lever class) asked me to become a Cadet Leader. By that time I was training two to three times a week and really enjoyed it. I got to go to Cadet Leader class one Sunday a month and I thought it was the best class ever! I upped my training to four times a week and soon after got my Blue belt.

I was then invited to senior class on Fridays and felt very honoured. I was asked to Sempai and really enjoyed helping out the students and demonstrating at the front of the class. By the time I passed the Sempai course and got my red and black belt I already achieved my brown belt so I couldn’t really wear it in classes. But I still did for a night. It was my hardest belt to get but by far the most enjoyable.

If you love showing off your karate or are competitive I would really recommend that you to go to a tournament. The Seminars are also really helpful and I always learn a lot. My goal is to work hard towards my Black Belt and go to as many classes as possible. I also like to help develop and motivate the students in the classes I am Sensei so they can eventually achieve it too. Teaching has boosted my confidence and training has helped me achieve a good level of fitness. If you are thinking about starting karate, then you should give it a go. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Thank you for reading my profile and I hope I’ll see you soon
Sensei Callum Miles