Karen Anderson

Grade: Shodan 1st Dan Black Belt

Classes: Wilmslow

Doing martial arts had never occurred to me in my 42 years!! But my twin ten-year-old sons were impressed by the Red Tiger demonstration at their school, so I went with them to watch the first session while they participated. I know lots of parents are very shy and retiring and take months (or even years!) to join in – but I fell in love with it at the first session. Much to my boys’ chagrin, I went along to the second week and have never looked back.

Five years on, and I definitely have to work hard on technique. I am very envious of those of you who are naturals and do any new move correctly the first time. There is so much talent on display in the club, and it is coupled with an incredibly warm, friendly, family atmosphere. You definitely would have to go a long way to find a better club.

I would encourage anybody who thinks they are not naturally sporty to give it a try. I had to draw a floor plan to get a grip on Heian Shodan – if I can do it, trust me, anyone can. My fitness levels have increased significantly, and I can see the benefits physically as well as mentally. We’d love to see you at Wilmslow on Tuesday nights to share our love of karate and Red Tiger.

With all best wishes, Karen xx