Sweltering day at the Brown & Black Belt Course

We’d like to say a big thank you and well done to all the students and Instructors who attended the Brown and Black Belt course on one of the hottest days of the year.

Thanks to the parents who couldn’t enjoy the sunshine and the participants for working super hard in the sweltering heat.

The Taekwondo Centre turned into an oven and we were all absolutely baking. You all did so well to continue and give us so much effort from start to finish.

In true Red tiger spirit though, it didn’t stop us working hard and having a great time with our fellow senior students.

Having just returned from Japan, we thought it was important to stick to the JKS syllabus and check that everyone’s Kihon and Kata were coming up to standard.

The groups were split evenly with Paul Wolstencroft Sensei, Mike Beckwith Sensei, Callum Miles Sensei and myself rotating round the groups and teaching different sections.

We hope you enjoyed the course and thank you all once again for the attendance and support.

A practise grading took place between 3pm and 4pm for those looking to attempt Shodan or Nidan in July. Hug thanks to all that took part in this, I hope it provided you with some valuable experience and a good chance to see how you performed under pressure.

Some took away grading slips on the day and some didn’t. This doesn’t mean that those who got their grading slips will pass their grading next month. It just means you did well on the day under the pressure and we think you deserve a chance. The hard work must continue and never stops, there is plenty of room for improvement and you should  push yourself and train as much as you can between now and the date of the grading. Get fitter, faster, stronger and try to achieve the highest mark you are capable of.

If you didn’t receive a grading slip, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go and it doesn’t mean that we don’t believe in your ability. We all have bad days. There were a few mistakes made on the day and few falling short under the pressure. It is so much better that that happened on Saturday rather than on the actual day of the grading.

Take this disappointment and turn it into your motivation to improve. We want you all to make it and we are all on the same side. Ask your Instructors for help, ask higher grades in class to practise with you, turn a negative into a positive and show us how much you want to get your next grade. I will always help people who want to help themselves. No sulking, just crack on. It’s just a bump in the road so treat it as such.

Do not be one of those people who gave up at 1st Kyu. I have never met a single one of those people who didn’t regret doing that. They always say they wished they’d given it one last push.

I expect to see you all back in the dojo with a positive attitude and renewed determination. WE CAN DO THIS. No excuses, lets get on it.

Training for 1st Kyu’s and Shodans is back on in Senior Class from next Monday 26th June, Monday 3rd July and we will do another practise grading on Monday 10th July for those who didn’t get grading slips.

Big thanks to Callum Miles Sensei, Rob Head Sensei, Tony Davies Sensei, Teresa Withington Sensei, Mike Baron Sensei, Lorraine Schofield Sensei and Mike Beckwith Sensei for helping us do the practise grading. It is much appreciated.