Super Sunday! B & B Course and Grading


Last Sunday 21st July we held a very warm and sweaty Black and Brown Belt Course which was followed by an equally gruelling Club Grading.

We just want to say thank you to all the Black and Brown Belts who turned up to train with us.

The Class was split into three groups; Mike Beckwith Sensei teaching Shodan and Nidan grading preparation, Paul W Sensei teaching Kata and Rachael W Sensei teaching kumite drills.

We finished the course with a huge game of gauntlet where the students had to fight their way through a wall of Instructors. It looked like very hard work, but great fun.

We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

Our next Black and Brown Belt course will take place on Sunday 1st September at the National Taekwondo Centre, Ten Acres Lane, Manchester. M40 2SP. Time: 11am-1pm followed by the South Manchester/Cheshire Grading. 

North Manchester and Lancashire Grading Results:

This was our final grading before the Summer break and the students were absolutely fantastic.

Congratulations to everyone who got their first or next grades, you were all a pleasure!

We had some brilliant white belts especially McKenzie Lamont, James Rigby and Logan Thornton from Tottington dojo. These lads are going to be excellent. It was great to see plenty of red belts returning and moving up to their next grades especially the Whitefield crew who have been training with Helen Dolan Sensei since her class first opened. You are all progressing wonderfully. Teresa Sensei also had some outstanding students from Chesham dojo.

The Rothwell sisters from Radcliffe graded to green belt and were as impressive as ever. These girls are going to very special indeed!

There were two students who progressed to their purple belt; Mayuri Vekaria and Mia Glynn Both worked extremely hard with Mia being awarded students of the grading for her exceptional standard. Well done to Mia and Dave and Debbie Sensei who are doing a fab job teaching her.

Two students graded to purple and white belt; Debbie Carter and Ethan Fong. Both were very good indeed and I’m sure it won’t be long before we see them doing their brown belts.

Maisie Fu from the Chesham Class was the only student to attempt her 3rd Kyu brown belt and she was just superb. She’s an excellent all rounder and is going to make a fantastic Black Belt in the near future. She is so young but soooo good and it is easy to see why Teresa Sensei loves to teach her!

Benjamin Finney and Grace Merriman both successfully attempted their 2nd Kyu. Both worked extremely hard in the heat and showed that they have reached a very high standard. Ben has been training for over 6 years and has watched his Mum Helen and brother Joe go on to become Black Belts. He is the reason why we have the amazing team Finney and the Haslingden Monday class have such a great Instructor! Ben’s karate has improved so much and he really looks like he enjoys himself when he trains now and was so proud of himself at the end. He worked so hard and has you can see vast improvement in his katas especially. Great work Ben and keep it up.

Grace Merriman has always been a stand out at every grading and I am in the privileged position of being able to teach this exceptionally talented young lady. She always tries her best, is a pleasure to teach and is so naturally gifted. Everything looks so easy and she always corrects what we ask her to straight away. As she gets older, she is getting pretty strong too and is not to be messed with. I am super lucky that she sets the perfect example to all the other young studenst at Darwen , she is a great Cadet Leader. If we had a class full of Grace’s I’d very happy indeed! Another wonderful performance at grading Grace, well done.

Aasam Raja successfully attempted his 1st Kyu and has been training with us for over 6 years. This lad has some incredible talent. He is so sharp and his kihon was  exceptionally good. His kicks are outstanding and he worked really hard. A couple of lapses in concentration have resulted in him having to retake his jiyu ippon section, but we are confident that he can do anything he puts his mind to and he will show us just how good he can be. His next grade is Black Belt and he has everything it takes to get there. There’s no jiyu ippon required for Black belt and his jiyu kumite is already at a really impressive standard.  With a  little more focus required in class when doing Kata, we look forward to seeing him fulfill his phenomenal potential.

Well done to everybody and thanks so much to all the Instructors who helped us out on the day and the supporters who came to watch.

Our next grading at Thornleigh will take place on Sunday 15th September from 1pm-3.30pm.

Had to just pop this picture onto the end of the write up because I love it!!!!! Hahaha!!! Sensei Loony Leesa! What a legend.