Steve Carless Sensei Courses – thank you all for your attendance!


We hope you all enjoyed the Steve Carless Sensei Courses as much as we did.

What a great turnout for this very knowledgeable and popular Senior Instructor. We are proud of the way our students conducted themselves, You all worked hard, listened and tried to put into practise what was being taught. Training with somebody so experienced and talented is a humbling experience and I hope you all left feeling inspired and motivated to be as brilliant and enthusiastic about karate as Steve Sensei is when we have been training for over 30 years!

Steve Sensei covered Katas Heian Sandan and Jion. Both Katas were expertly broken down and we were given time to practise what we had been shown. We were able to greatly improve both our understanding and presentation of these two Katas. We practised in partners and had some fun at the end with core strengthening exercises.

Next up was the Kumite course and this was such great fun. Steve Sensei has such an engaging teaching style and our students responded really well to what they were being asked to do. There were some really challenging and exhausting exercises but they were taught in a really fun way. I only realised I was absolutely knackered by the time I got home!

We did several drills to make students think about what is happening when they take part in Jiyu Kumite. Steve Sensei taught us how to react in different offensive and defensive situations and gave us some great drills to practise, which we can now work on and hopefully improve our kumite.

There was some fun speed and agility team games at the end and everyone looked like they were really enjoying themselves!

Huge thank you to those who took part and most of all thank you to Steve Sensei himself for visiting us and sharing your expert knowledge.

Steve Sensei will be teaching on our upcoming Ultimate Training Weekend and after those two courses, I for one can’t wait!