South Manchester Grading Results: 25-6-2016

We held a Club grading for the students training in our South Manchester and Cheshire classes on Saturday 25th June. It turned out to be a very busy one indeed. I will start off by apologizing to those parents who spent all afternoon supporting their loved ones without a chair to sit on. It did not spoil the atmosphere on the day and nobody complained but we will try our best to ensure that there is adequate seating for parents in the future. The turnout of supporters for our students was somewhat overwhelming which is never usually a bad thing – unless there’s not enough chairs!  Sorry again.

The standard was excellent especially among the higher grades with students achieving grades from orange belt right up to 1st Kyu. We are pleased to report that everyone was successful.

We enjoyed some outstanding performances from our most experienced students. The lower grades were also very impressive with some students showing absolutely massive potential and with a dedicated attitude, we will be able to take them very far!

We must say a huge well done to our new students from Kings Road Primary School in Stretford as Sensei Rob Head saw his first ever batch of students all pass their orange belts. They were fantastic. Sensei Rob and Sempai Kath are clearly doing a fab job in their new class. Well done to you both.

There was a large amount of people returning for the 2nd time and earning their 8th Kyu Red Belt. This is great to see as these students are progressing well and continuing to working hard.

We were very impressed by the standard of our new yellow belts with groups from Timperley, Denton, Sale and Romiley classes all showing a very high standard indeed. Even the little ones knew their Katas and did brilliantly in the tricky combinations section.

All of the students grading to green belt were also brilliant particularly Noah Green, Betsy Bullen, Sam Lees and Emily Knox. To achieve such a good standard at this young age leaves us very excited about how great they will be next time!

There was a fair amount of students taking purple belts and purple and white belts which are difficult grades to get. Congratulations to all the students who have achieved this high level and we would hope that they continue to push themselves towards their brown belts with the sustained enthusiasm and effort.

Christopher Lysaght, Amy & Jay Jay Coleman, Jacob Bottomley, Rory Corran, Mario & Giuseppe Pezzino and Luke Robertson have all made excellent progress and were a really high standard on the day.

Bruce and Oliver Smith have also shown great dedication and perseverance over the last few years and we are pleased to see that their commitment has finally paid off, as they successfully passed their next grades and worked their socks off.

The day really belonged to those who graded to brown belts and above as this group was excellent. We always say a few words about our most dedicated members who are now fast approaching the ultimate goal of Black Belt. Well done to you all, you should be proud of what you achieved on Saturday and take pride in the fact that you know that you earned every inch of your new belts.


3rd Kyu – Brown Belt

Sam Holling – Excellent grading from a much improved student. Sam is quite shy but his karate is taking shape really well. His Katas were good and he was strong and brave in the kumite. We were impressed by his good atitude and high work rate. He tried his best from start to finish and you really can’t ask for any more than that. Congratulations Sam and keep up the great work.

Ethan Green – Student of the Grading performance from a one of our brightest young prosepcts. Ethan is naturally gifted at karate and works hard every lesson. He pays attention to the finer details and is a real perfectionist. This quality will take him very far and he thoroughly deserved both his belt and his trophy because he is a great all round talent. We know there is much more to come so keep up the hard work.

Jack Goman – What a fantastic character to have in our Club. Jack is a fantastic cadet leader who looks after our younger class members and was always the class clown. More recently he has started to fulfill his potential by attending twice a week and concentrating more when he trains. He was awarded a Student of the Grading trophy because he has improved so much and showed great spirit when being pushed to the limit in the kumite. Well done and keep it up.


2nd Kyu – Brown belt with a white stripe

Christopher Ayre – Christopher attended grading to finish what he started last time around. He returned with a much improved work rate and a fantastic attitude. Chris has shown us that he has what it takes to make it all the way to Black Belt because he can take the disappointment and use as motivation to return stronger and better than ever. A great display of determination from this lovely young man. He worked very hard on Saturday and thoroughly deserved his belt. Well done.

Therese Stevinson – Therese is a very shy and quiet lady with a whole lot of talent. She works hard at every session and pays attention to every little detail which is what makes her standard so good. She is very enthusiastic about her training and takes it very seriously. She never misses sessions and is always encouraging and inspiring others. Her katas are impressive and her confidence is finally starting to grow. We were impressed by the improvement made in her kumite as she shows a greater understanding of what techniques to use when and how to control distance. Fantastic grading performance from Therese and we know that she will keep up the great work.

Juliette Stevinson –  Without a doubt, Juliette is one of the best young girls in the whole Club. What a talent. She just gets better and better every single time. Her standard is right up there with our top young girls and England Squad members. With this amount of talent comes great expectation from the Instructors and she did not disappoint us one bit. She was awesome from start to finish and gave it every bit of effort she had. Her kicks, katas and kumite are very high level. She has the work rate and great attitude to match her potential so we look forward to seeing just how good this young lady will be next time around. Well done.

Daniel Hartley – What a lovely young man, another shy, quiet hard worker with a whole lot of talent. Daniel was just awesome at the grading and has come a very long way in a relatively short space of time. He is focused on improving and works hard week in week out. Daniel was brave in the kumite and should be proud of himself after the grading. He did brilliantly. A bit more confidence and self-belief and he will really be able to shine. Well done.

Finlay McLennan – Outstanding improvement from a fantastic Cadet Leader. Finlay has really stepped his training up to the next level. He does not find karate easy and can lack confidence but he more than makes up for that with the effort that he puts in every time he trains. We really like Finlay and are delighted that he has stuck with us at Lacey Green since day one. He knows he has things to work on but should be proud that he has achieved such a high level at such a young age. Amazing young man. Well done.


1st Kyu – Brown belt with two white stripes

James Sherlock – What a very special young man. James trains three times a week every single week without fail. He is very dedicated, enthusiastic and absolutely LOVES training in karate. He is an outstanding Cadet Leader and the best role model we could possibly ask for at Lacey Green. The influence he has on our younger students is amazing. His behaviour is exemplary and the level he has achieved at just 10 years old is exceptional. There would not be many students (adults or children) who would be able to stand up in front of about 200 people and perform Bassai Dai the way he did with such class and confidence. We are truly blessed to teach James and have him in our Club. Saturdays’ performance has certainly put James’ name in the hat for a Student of the Year award and I don’t think that anyone who saw how good he was on Saturday would be able to disagree. Keep up the excellent work, you little superstar.


As always we must thank the Instructors who prepared your students brilliantly for grading and also for your help, advice and hard work on the day. You keep the students going and push them to do more than they think is possible.

Thanks also to Emma Stansfield, Karen Howes Sensei, Debbie Carter Sensei, Mike Beckwith Sensei, Lorraine Sensei and all of the Instructors who helped us sign in and get the grading underway as quickly as possible. Big thanks to Danny Silverwood for demonstrating and being such a good role model as always.

Thanks to all the supporters and parents whose contribution is vital to the success of our students. Without your constant support and encouragement, the students would not be able to achieve everything that they do and we would have no club.

Great day everyone. Well done!