South Manchester Grading Results: Saturday 26th November

We held our last Club Grading of 2016 at Reddish dojo for the students training in the South Manchester and Cheshire classes.

It was a rather large grading and the room was absolutely freezing to begin with, but it got very warm, very quickly as the grading progressed.

There was a lot of young students grading and a really good mix of people going for all grades right up to 1st Kyu.

We saw some outstanding little lower grades and the energy and effort from everyone was fantastic.

There were a large number of students taking their brown belts, 1 taking 2nd Kyu and 1 taking 1st Kyu and the standard among the higher grades was really impressive.

Their basics were very good, katas, combinations and kumite drills were all well rehearsed and strong.

There was very little for Sensei Paul to complain about which is a good thing.

The four students grading to purple belt were all really good including Sam Lees, Noah Green, Rob Vernon and Sensei Deans little superstar Emily Knox.

The group taking 4th Kyu were also excellent, especially Giuseppe & Mario Pezzino, Dave Smith and Adam Paksy. These are all names you are going to want to remember because they are all highly talented and ones to watch in the future.

We always congratulate the students by name who have worked hard over the years and earned their 3rd Kyu brown belts and above. These students worked through a very physically tough and mentally challenging grading which takes everything out of you. They all showed great spirit and determination to keep going and thoroughly deserved their new belts. Well done!

3rd Kyu Brown Belt

Lola Girault – A very spirited performance from our newly crowned JKS National Champion, what a week she’s had. Lola is a superbly talented little lady who without question is one of the most promising youngsters we have. There are no weak areas in Lolas karate, she is equally talented in kihon, kata and kumite and is such a superstar. She even got an extra award for Student of the Grading. Well done missus and keep it up.

Sonny Millington – Sonny is another of our squad superstars, 2nd  Place at the nationals, a brown belt and a student of the grading trophy for this young man. Not a bad weeks work eh? He was excellent throughout the grading but would do well to improve his focus and concentration. This will help him take his karate to the very next level. Well done Sonny keep up the great work!

Chris Crossan – Chris has been training for many years and more recently since his Mum began training, he has become more focused and tries harder in class. This has helped him make good progress between 4th Kyu and 3rd Kyu and after being very nervous, he did really well. He concentrated and worked hard throughout the grading and deserves his brown belt 100%. Well done Christopher.

Chris Lysaght – Chris has become really good at karate, he tries hard every week and retains information easily. His katas are much improved as were his kumite drills. He needs to continue to train hard at every class as this lad has excellent potential and it is great to see him starting to fulfill it!

Frazer Atkins – What a great student Frazer is turning into. He is a very intelligent young man who is very committed to his training. He no longer wastes time messing about as he wants to improve and develop his karate. We are so pleased to see the improvement in his attitude and can see him going very far if he keep up the great work. Well done.

Daisy Atkins – Daisy is a fantastic little student, full of energy and effort and when she concentrates, she is absolutely brilliant at karate. Thankfully Daisy concentrated hard throughout the grading and really earned her brown belt the hard way. Her Katas were fab and her kumite was strong. Well done and keep up the great work Daisy!

Noah Vernon – Noah is so unbelievably good at karate for his age. He’s a complete natural. He makes it look easy and that is when you know someone is very special indeed. He was really focused at the grading and determined to do well. His Dad should be really proud of him because Noah is brilliant and proved it on the day. Well done little man!

Jonathan Seaton – Jonathan Seaton has really improved his karate an must be one of the highest grades in his class now. He always works hard and is a very strong, bright young man. He did brilliantly throughout the grading and deserves his brown belt for his work on the day and his dedication over the years. Well done.


2nd Kyu

Rosie Morris – Rosie has a brilliant grading. She is really sharp, focused and determined to succeed at karate. She clearly listens to her Instructors and corrects what they ask her to do because her standard is excellent. I bet she is a pleasure teach and it was a pleasure to watch her earn her 2nd Kyu. Well done young lady!


1st Kyu

Cian Dronsfield – Cian has always been super-talented and has stood out for all the right reasons at his previous gradings. This one was no exception, his karate was outstanding (especially his Jiyu ipoon and kumite in general.) He’s a great lad with a good work ethic and has been training with Sensei Lorraine for many years. We are sure that it won’t take him long to get his Black Belt and when he does, he will be awesome. Congratulations.


As always to close, we thank the parents and supporters for giving up their day. Without you, there would be no grading. We also thank the Instructors and Assistants who work in the area for their hard work and expertise. We could not run these events without their help and organisation beforehand. You are all superstars and we are greatful for everyone. Thanks to Connor Cherry andf Zak Thomas-Blackhurst from the Denton class for helping out and demonstrating on the day. You guys were a big help.