South Manchester Grading Results: Saturday 17th February

Thank you to all the awesome Red Tigers who attempted their next grade at our South Manchester grading at the National Taekwondo Centre last Saturday 17th February.

It was such a busy day with an excellent turnout. All students did very well and worked hard to impress the Instructors. We are pleased to report that all students who attempted their grading were successful.

Over half of the students grading were white belts attempting their first full grade of 9th Kyu orange belt. This group were extremely good and could correctly perform their combinations, Heian Shodan and Gohan Kumite to an excellent standard. We’d like to welcome all our new white belts and we hope that you enjoyed your first experience with us at grading. Looking at some of the awesome talent among that group, this will be your first grading of many.

We were also very impressed with our new red and yellow belts who are really settling into their training. They showed us some absolutely brilliant karate and gave it 100% from the beginning to the end of the grading.

The day belonged to the higher grades however who have dedicated a few years to their training and really stood out.

The effort was exceptionally good and where there is effort, there is always marvellous karate to watch.

We were particularly impressed with the students going for green belts, purple belts and purple and white belts. You all showed that you are still enthusiastic to learn and improve having hit an intermediate level. These middle grades are usually where we lose the most people as they decide they’ve had enough. We saw some outstanding performers in these grade groups and we would hope that you all continue to stay inspired and push on toward the brown belt. You all have what it takes.

It is great to see lots of siblings and families doing karate together and making fantastic progress as a team. The Palomo Twins were exceptional as always, The Chaffer family and the Curtis family are also doing superbly well.

Three students successfully earned their brown belts and four students successfully earned their 1st Kyu including the inimitable Adam Paksy who achieved the virtually impossible and double graded from 3rd Kyu to 1st Kyu.


3rd Kyu Brown Belt

Louie Williams-Manby – Louie has been training with us for many years and has been very patient and consistent with his karate. He is always trying hard at training and I’m sure he’ll agree that certain aspects of karate can be difficult for him. There is a lot to remember at this level but he has persevered and deserves recognition for efforts. He did his best at the grading and we are really pleased for him to get the pass. We clearly have more work still to do, but Louie has come so far and should be very proud of what he has done.

Noah Green – Overall a solid performance from this super talented student. Noah has realised he needs to step up to get to the next level and has been concentrating and working harder than ever.  We couldn’t have asked for me more as he always gives it 110% and must have gone home absolutely exhausted. Noah is very good at kumite and has been trying to improve his Katas to bring them up to scratch. He is making great progress and he proved that he has everything it takes to get to Black Belt. Well done young man and keep up the fantastic work.

Abby Fryer – What an excellent grading from Abby. She’s an absolute belting student and had beautiful Kata. She was showed great spirit in the kumite section and tried hard throughout the combinations. Her karate was awesome and she is getting better and better every time we see her. She has grown in confidence and I’m sure that passing her brown belt will give her a much needed boost and help her continue to push on towards the next level. She certainly has all the potential. Keep up the fab work Abby and I’m sure you will make a great black belt very soon no doubt!


1st Kyu Brown and Double White Stripe Belt

Adam Paksy – What an exceptional performance from Adam who was graded from 3rd Kyu straight to 1st Kyu. I could list the many reasons why Adam was worthy of this rare and incredible achievement but I’m sure those watching on the day would agree that this is a very hardworking young man with an incredible talent. Paul Sensei’s decision was absolutely bob on. Students of this calibre do not come along very often, but when they do, they need nurturing correctly to enable them to fulfill their potential and Adam’s Instructors are doing a superb job with him. Adam’s karate is super sharp, dynamic and his stances are exceptional. His karate reminds me of Louis Johnson’s when he was a Kyu grade. We are all so excited by Adam’s talent and cannot wait to see just how amazing he will be at his Shodan grading, which will be much sooner than anticipated! Keep up the brilliant work young man. You are an absolute star in the making.

Brendan Conyard – What a pleasure to see Brendan achieve his 1st Kyu after a tough grading last time around. He looked much more confident and is very dedicated. It was great to see his hard work payting off. He has improved so much between 2nd Kyu and 1st Kyu and has been very focused in classes. Brendan is a very strong chap and can be guilty of using his size and strength to his advantage rather than using technique.He has been working on improving his technique and his kumite was much more well controlled. Congratulations on your 1st Kyu Brendan, keep on keeping on and we look forward to see you attempting your Black Belt in the near future.

Ellen Conyard –  Ellen had a much better grading than last time. She is a very committed student, training 3-4 times a week every week. She shows excellent potential and when she’s on it, she is really sharp, focused and determined to succeed at karate. Her kumite is much improved and she has been working harder with her combinations and Katas. Ellen for some reason seems to lack in confidence, which is very strange because she is super talented. I would hope that putting in such a solid performance at grading will help to resolve her confidence issues and allow her to build some momentum as she approaches her Black Belt. Well done young lady and keep up the great work!

Christopher Lysaght – What a brilliant performance from a naturally gifted student. He is so dedicated to his training and is always working hard in class. Christopher doesn’t look for shortcuts, he tries to perfect everything and is really good at picking new katas up and remembering them. He is exceptionally talented when it comes to kicks and kumite and we saw this at the grading. His combinations and katas were much improved and we will continue to work hard in these areas as he approaches Black Belt. He knows you can’t just be amazing at kumite and everything is is just ‘ok’. When you are as talented as Chris and you have the right support and leaders, the sky is the limit and he’ll be awesome. His performance was so good at grading that Paul Wolstencroft Sensei awarded him the Student of the Grading Trophy for his outstanding improvement. Well done!

Huge thanks to all the Instructors who do all the hard work to prepare the students and make sure that they get their chance to shine at grading. They also help massively with the grading event from signing in to teaching sections to encouraging the students to keep going, you really are the best and we appreciate you all. Big thanks to Zak who also gave his day up to help out and demonstrate at the grading. It is great for our future generation to see where talent and dedication gets you and our little Champ from Denton sets the perfect example, every time he trains. What a little star!

Thanks to the parents and supporters who keep the students going to karate week in week out, our most successful students are always the ones who train consistently, who never miss class and those who have supportive parents.

Overall it was a fantastic day so WELL DONE. Photo’s will be available to collect at classes from next Monday onward and are free of charge.