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Grading Results and Cadet & Assistant Instructor Class

We have enjoyed another fantastic weekend of karate here at Red Tiger. Two grading assessments have taken place and the rescheduled Cadet Leader and Assistant Instructor Class was held on Sunday morning.
All events have been highly successful and some of the karate on display from our students has been outstanding.

South Manchester Grading: Houldsworth Village – Reddish

The South Manchester grading took place in Reddish on Saturday with lots of students attempting their next grades travelling from the surrounding classes. The grading went well with all students being successful on the day. The standard was excellent; even from the youngsters who managed to keep their concentration and effort levels high throughout the two hour grading.
There were some very good performances from the children and adults and Paul Sensei was very impressed. The youngsters from our Lacey Green Afterschool Club tried their best and behaved brilliantly and a couple of the adults; Brendan Conyard and Claire Boden worked extremely hard from start to finish. Well done to you all.
There were 2 students on the day grading to 3rd Kyu Brown Belt – Thomas Tabner and James Sherlock. Both boys did very well and have achieved a high level at a young age. Thomas has been training for over four years and has excellent attendance. He always works hard at class and although he struggles with the Katas, his Kumite was brilliant. He showed great spirit and was determined to earn his brown belt. Thomas is a very likeable student and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He can be a bit of clown at the Denton class, but knows when its time to put the effort in and he really concentrated and gave his best on the grading day. Well done Thomas and keep up the hard work.
James Sherlock is a naturally gifted student who works very hard. He is one of our most dedicated Cadet Leaders, training in 3 classes week every week. His parents are highly supportive, travelling from Wilmslow to Timperley to make sure that James gets the tuition he needs to fulfil the  massive potential he has. James’ karate was outstanding on Saturday and this lad has awesome kicks. James always has a great attitude and is a fantastic role model for all of our other juniors. He was chosen by the Chief Instructor as Student of the Grading and thoroughly deserved both the trophy and his brown belt. Keep it up James.
The final student to mention was Louis Johnson who earned his 1st Kyu. Louis Johnson is Student of the Year 2014 and based on his performance at the grading, it was easy to see why this young man is so very special. He makes karate look effortless, when everybody who trains knows that it is very hard. There is no doubting that Louis is dedicated, training in 4 classes a week, every week without fail.
He never makes excuses and you will never see him being lazy or not trying his very best. Louis gave 100% effort from start to finish and there are clearly no weak areas in his karate at all. He inspires everyone around him from the children to adults and even the Instructors. Louis influence makes us all try harder and become better, students like James would not be as good as they are without Louis to inspire and motivate them.
I call Louis ‘Mini Sensei Paul’ because there is a quality to his karate that you just cannot teach. It’s a natural gift coupled with a tireless work ethic and the highest of expectations. He will only accept the very best he is capable of and will keep working until every small detail is exactly right and his own expectations are satisfied. He is very level headed and humble despite his glaringly obvious talent. I cannot say enough good things about Louis, he always makes his Mum proud and just remember his name as he will go very far!
Well done to every student who graded, keep that motivation high you will continue to improve and move your karate forward. As always a big thank you to the parents and supporters and all the Instructors who helped out on the day. Our team is fantastic and we could not run successful events without everyone pulling together.

Cadet Leader and Assistant Instructor Class

Another packed out class of talented kids and future Instructors. Both classes were great. There were almost 80 Cadet Leaders and over 20 Assistants and Instructors training hard. Paul Sensei taught the adults class and they completed 40 minutes worth of gruelling resistance bands training to improve and develop explosive power in their techniques. This was followed by teaching practise and completing the orange, red and yellow belts syllabus. Thank you to all the Assistants and Instructors who turned up and trained on the day.
The Cadet Leaders were taken through their Katas and worked on producing a Kata performance for tournaments. We then split into groups and did a mini Kata competition and medals were awarded to students who came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Places. Congratulations to the following students:
Sensei Deans group:

  • 1st Place: Ava Hanson
  • 2nd Place: John Riley
  • 3rd Place: Adam Bennett

Sensei Jonathon Walls group:

  • 1st Place: Molly Austin Hogsden
  • 2nd Place: Megan Ellithorn
  • 3rd Place: Zak Thomas Blackhurst

Sensei Nicolas group:

  • 1st Place: Warren Roberts
  • 2nd Place: Mia Dickerson
  • 3rd Place: Phoebe McNally

Sensei Mike Barons group:

  • 1st Place: Annalea Tipton
  • 2nd Place: Keeley Barton
  • 3rd Place: Georgie Dyal

Sensei Joni’s group:

  • 1st Place: Louis Johnson
  • 2nd Place: Ben Clark
  • 3rd Place: Georgia Tipton

Sensei Mike Beckwiths group:

  • 1st Place: Sam Jackson
  • 2nd Place: Lori Ann Moran
  • 3rd Place: Emily Withington

Big well done to all the Cadet Leaders who took part and thank you to the Instructors for teaching and making the difficult decisions about who to award medals to.

North Manchester & Lancashire Grading – Rochdale

Our second grading of the weekend immediately followed Cadet & Assistant class. Students travelled from as far as Lancaster to be assessed for their first or next belts and everybody did brilliantly.
I think it is fair to say that the Instructors were very pleased with their students performances and standard on the day. Nobody failed to try hard and that is all you can ask of your students.
Again, there was a fairly large proportion of youngsters grading and they all behaved exceptionally well. There was quite a few parents training and grading at the same time as their children which is always fantastic to see. Ours is a family club in every sense.
We must mention one of the white belt girls Zoe Asu Fubarra who travelled all the way from Lancaster and was so impressive that she was chosen as Student of the Grading from all of the lower grades. This girl will be VERY GOOD if she keeps listening and working hard with Mike Baron Sensei. She is a future star.
There were quite a few students who have spent longer than average on their last grades who showed significant improvement including Kevin, Giorgia & Ella Frost, Ben Pulford, Zlatko & Jayden Popovski, Sonny Ratcliffe, Adam Dearden, Chris Eccles and Mohammed Haq. Well done to you all for staying dedicated and congratulations to everyone who was successful on the day.
We always mention students by name who have graded to 3rd Kyu Brown Belt and above as this is a very high level to achieve is edging closer and closer to that Black Belt.

3rd Kyu – Brown Belt

Aurelie Girault – Aurelie performed so well, she won the Student of the Grading for the higher grades group. This was for outstanding effort throughout the grading and making significant progress between 4th and 3rd Kyu. Aurelie is one of our most promising ladies at Red Tiger and her karate is very impressive. Well done and keep it up.
Kyle Girault – What a fantastic young man. This lad gives 100% effort into every class and this showed through on his grading day. Excellent performance from a very exciting youngster. His kicks were outstanding in the line and throughout the kumite.  Kyle’s confidence is sky high due to his recent success at the JKS Tournament, keep training with that confidence and enthusiasm and the sky is the limit for you!
Marcus Chorlton – Another little man with big talent. Excellent performance on the grading day and we can see that you have clearly been working hard with Sensei Nichola and Steve to improve in all areas. Marcus is a little pocket rocket and proved why he is one Sensei Nick and Steve’s top students. Well done.
Dave Riley – Dave showed solid karate throughout the grading day. He has strong basics, is starting to flow well in his Katas and had impressive kumite. Well done Dave, you are making excellent progress.
Sarah Parker – Sarah arguably has improved the most out of all the students we have seen over the weekend. After recently losing over 2 stone in weight her karate has benefited greatly. She is much more confident and moves faster than ever before. She is able to perform katas with more speed and power and has improved a lot in her kumite. Congratulations Sarah on your medium sized brown belt!
Ben Pulford – Ben has also improved a lot and put 100% effort in on Sunday. He is a very likeable young man who is determined to achieve his Black Belt. In order to continue improving, Ben needs to train in class with the same effort as he put into his grading because he has the potential to be very good indeed. Sensei Dave and Sempai Rob can get you excactly where you want to be so keep listening and trying your best. Well done.
Mia Steinbach – Mia put loads of effort into the grading and has been training for over 4 years. She really enjoys her karate and made Sensei Nicola very proud of her by achieving her brown belt after all these years training. Mia is very strong for her age and this shows through in her kumite. Well done Mia and keep it up.
Mark Ellicott – Mark is another promising adult with very strong and solid karate. He was impressive throughout the grading despite nursing an injury. Mark always tries hard is very sharp and focused in the katas and the kumite. He has improved a lot and was very determined to succeed and earn his Brown Belt. Well done.

2nd Kyu – Brown Belt with a white stripe

Chris Eccles – Chris was retaking the Kata section of the grading. After spending the last few months working hard to improve his Bassai Dai he earned his 2nd kyu and showed great spirit and determination. Chris puts so much effort in, he finds it difficult to relax when performing kata but the good news is you are improving so well done. Congratulations Chris and keep it up.
Mohammed Haq – Mohammed has been training for almost 5 years. He is a very talented young man who has grown a lot recently in both height and maturity. He always tries really hard and is very sharp and focused. Kumite is without doubt the strongest part of his karate and he sparred impressively, putting together effective combinations and great kicking techniques. Well done.

1st Kyu – Brown Belt with two white stripes

Luke Wilson – Luke has been training for over 4 years and during this time has developed really nice karate. He has clearly been working hard with his Instructors and listening to all their advice. This was his best performance ever and he is shaping up to be a very good candidate for Black Belt.
Sophie Panton – Beautiful lady with beautiful karate. Sophie shows high ability and is really working hard to fulfil her potential. She is very quiet and so relaxed she could fall over! It is a shame that she is not as confident as she should be given that her karate is so good. If she can show a bit more spirit and keep up the effort she has been putting in recently she will make it to Black Belt grading towards the back end of this year. Well done.
Jack Fisher – Another promising young man who has been around a very long time. Jack has excellent attendance and is always at any special events we put on trying to improve his karate. A little more confidence and sustained effort and he will become an excellent student. He knows he must move a little sharper in order to improve and we will work on this together in the coming months. Well done.
Abby Fielding – Abby is a an absolutely gorgeous little star. This a little lady with a lot of talent. She is a very dedicated Cadet Leader who is always smiling and encouraging to others. She knows the new syllabus inside out and is really starting to sharpen everything up. As she grows taller, she needs to lengthen her stances and has been working hard to do this. Her katas are a very high standard and her confidence is beginning to improve with the kumite. Well done Abby and keep on showing us your best as we know you can achieve that Black Belt in the near future.
Lastly, a big thanks to the Instructors who helped to share the load on Sunday in terms of teaching, organising & motivating the students and getting through the certificates and paperwork. Without you, it’s just not possible.
Thanks also to the following Cadet Leaders: Grace Baron, Lori Ann Moran & Ashley Walls who trained at Cadet Class and then stayed behind to support those who graded. Your contribution is vital as you always set a good example for everyone grading. We appreciate do your efforts, well done.