South Manchester Grading Results – 7th February 2015

Congratulations who all the students and families who successfully passed their next grades at our South Manchester grading last weekend.
There were students grading from white belt to orange belt and all the way up to 1st Kyu which is the grade just before black belt. It was a fantastic grading with some superb karate on display. All students had clearly been very well prepared by their Instructors and worked tirelessly throughout the two and half hour grading.
There vast majority of students grading were children, but we must mention a few of the adults on the day who did superbly well and showed an excellent standard. There were two white belts with previous experience in Karate – Mario Pezzino from the Wilmslow and Handforth classes who graded straight to red belt and Andrew Perris from the Stockton Heath class who graded straight to green belt. Well done to you both.
Vicky Connett, Pete Stansfield, Justin Dignan and Andrew Holland also did brilliantly and were definitely earned their green belts.
There were some very promising children to watch at the grading too. Daniel O’ Neill from Reddish is progressing brilliantly as are both Shakos brothers. Sam Goodwin was another impressive student, grading to purple and white belt.  Millie O’ Brien from our Lacey Green afterschool club did what every dedicated karateka should do and came to karate on her birthday and earned her purple belt! Well done Millie 🙂
We should say a big thank you to everybody who took part on the day, especially the parents and supporters who enable our students to grade and keep them going when they’ve had enough. Massive thanks to all the Instructor team who helped out and taught sections on the day. You always do a great job and we could not run successful events like this without your assistance, expertise and support.
Finally, thanks to Louis Johnson who is one of our Cadet Leaders at Timperley and current Student of the Year. Louis trained and helped out at the grading after completing an intensive Handforth class in the morning. Your commitment and effort is clearly paying off with the high standard you consistently maintain.
We always mention by name the special students who have achieved brown belts, 2nd kyu and 1st kyu because to reach these grades means that they have been dedicated to their training over a number of years and have reached a high level.
Congratulations to the following students:

3rd Kyu

Wilf Adams – One of the Clubs youngest brown belts ever, Wilf attends classes with his Mum Nicci and sisters four to five times a week. They are one of the Clubs most dedicated families. He is an adorable character who does extremely well considering his young age. Wilfs’ karate is improving all the time. Well done.
Lucie Adams – Lucie Adams is a very talented karateka, she trains hard and is a very determined young lady. She did brilliantly on her grading day and is shaping up to make a very good black belt. Congratulations Lucie and keep up the hard work.
Bonnie-Rae Adams – What a star! Bonnie Rae has made significant progress recently with her karate, she is really starting to tidy everything up and put more effort into her training. She showed a good standard on the day is always happy and polite making her a pleasure to teach. Well done.
Ashraf Khetab – Ashraf has made a welcome return to Red Tiger and is an inspiration to us all. His karate is getting better and although he struggles a little with his katas, his determination, spirit and effort throughout the rest of the grading more than makes up for it. Keep training hard Ashraf, the Instructor team think you are FAB! Well done.

2nd Kyu

Catherine Johnson – As Instructors it can be difficult to teach adults who have started karate as adults, sometimes we have to accept that they won’t be as good as we’d like them to be, but Catherine is certainly the exception. Her karate has improved considerably every single time she has graded. She works hard and maintains a good level of fitness. She attends 3-4 times a week, every week and she shows no weakness when training. Catherine will just get on with it. She has great spirit and genuinely enjoys her karate journey. Catherine makes the most out of every lesson by paying attention to the finer details and working to improve and correct anything that is asked. Catherine sets a superb example to all the other Mums watching at the side, as she used to be one of them, now she is a very good 2nd Kyu. Well done and keep it up.
Louie, Madeleiene & Henry Williamson-Gerrard – The Williamson-Gerrards have been training for a very long time. They are a lovely family who enjoy training and experiencing karate together. It was the first grading they have done for ages and although things have changed, they adapted well and have clearly been working hard with Sensei Steve to make improvements. They know there are areas to improve on but hopefully they will feel very proud to have achieved their 2nd kyu and have taken one step closer to their Black Belts. Louie, Madeleiene and Henry showed great spirit during the kumite at the end and really did earn their belts. Well done.
Hannah Ormiston – Hannah has always showed great potential is really starting to fulfil this now. She has clearly practised her katas a lot and they looked very tidy on the day. She has excellent kicks and made Sensei Lorraine very proud at the grading. You must now use this momentum and keep up the dedicated training and effort in order to reach the next level, keep working on Bassai Dai and jiyu ippon and we look forward to seeing you again soon.
Clark Thompson – Clark is a naturally gifted karateka, he always puts in 100% effort every time we see him and he has been attending extra courses including Cadet Class and B&B courses outside of his usual classes to help him improve and work with other talented students. This hard work has paid off and he did brilliantly to earn his 2nd Kyu. I know a few Instructors really enjoyed sparring with you and we were also impressed with your katas and kihon. Well done Clark and keep it up.
Isabelle Wilkie – Student Of the Grading Isabelle Wilkie is one of the most inspirational students we have at Red Tiger. She has endured a heartbreaking 12 months and has continued to attend karate lessons, extra events, cadet classes and courses. Isabelle’s karate has improved immeasurably and she has shown the bravery and resilience of somebody way beyond her years. Isabelle did not win our trophy or get her 2nd Kyu because she has experienced tragedy. She got both things because works so hard, she has earned them and thoroughly deserves them.
She has transformed her karate from an average green belt to an excellent 2nd kyu in the space of about two years. You could see throughout the grading how much this belt meant to Izzy and her kumite at the end was very spirited. She has patiently waited for the opportunity and grabbed it with both hands. Keep on doing what you are doing and showing the rest of us how its done. You might look up to those who teach you, but its actually you that inspires us Izzy. You have made everyone proud, well done.
1st Kyu
Reece Robson –  Reece is a very quiet student, with wonderful manners and excellent behaviour. He is so quiet you would be forgiven for forgetting he was there! But Reece is always there, training 3-4 times a week working really hard and consistently improving all the time. He is equally talented in all areas of his karate and is a pleasure to teach. Reece worked tirelessly for his 1st kyu and made virtually no mistakes. He is that well practised. He pushes himself by partnering with higher grades and attending the hardest classes with our very strictest Instructor Sensei Paul. He also attends all the extra training opportunities like cadet class and B&B courses which have helped him with his confidence and improve his karate. Reece is making excellent progress towards his Black Belt and together we will do everything it takes to make sure he is ready. Congratulations Reece, you have nearly caught Mr Silverwood!