South Manchester Grading Results: 7th April 2019

We held a Club grading on Sunday 7th April for students training in the South Manchester and Cheshire classes. It was a beautiful day outside and we want to thank all the parents and supporters for giving up their free time to come and support those who attempted their first or next grades.

Students attempted grades from orange belt right up to 2nd Kyu and it was another extremely busy one.

We had lots of white belts, orange belts and yellow belts to look at and they were all fab.

The kihon section was completely swiftly with no complaints about effort or standard made.

The students breezed through the katas, combinations and kumite drills and thoroughly deserved their next grades.

There were plenty of adults hard training alongside their children. It is fantastic to see them setting such a great example to their kids, well done to you all.

There was a brilliant group of yellow belts going to green belts including Nathan and Jonathan Dabbs who were both excellent. You are all making fab progress. There were also plenty of students attempting purple belt and purple & white belt. These are normally the grades where we lose the most students but ever single one of those who attempted their next grade and still going strong and doing really well. There were some outstanding performances and some superstars to keep an eye out for in the future including Rosie Coleman, Megan Hardy, Sophia Hulley, Roxana G. Zadeh and Anand & Indr Singh. Well done to you all and keep up the great work.

The next group of students have all been training with us for at least 3 years, some have been coming for many more than that! We always give a special mention to those grading to brown belt and above because it really is a special and significant achievement.

All of the students listed below and making fantastic progress and worked really hard to earn their grades on Sunday. Congratulations to you all and keep on pushing towards that black belt.

3rd Kyu Brown Belts 

Cafu Jackson & James Cadwaladr – Excellent performances from both of these boys. Cafu and James were both on retakes of individual sections but both chose to do it the hard way and repeat the full grading. Cafu has been working really hard to improve his combinations and James has been practising his katas and they had made some great progress. Both James and Cafu have bags of potential and we hope to see them continue to work hard and try to fulfull this even more! Well done, you’ve shown great character to come back from disappointment and absolutely smash it.

Callula Curtis – What a little pocket rocket this young lady is. She had a fab grading. She is improving so much every time we see her and is shaping up to be a fab little black belt when her time comes. She’s reached an excellent standard for her age. Well done.

Owen Gregson – Outstanding performance from Owen Gregson who successfully attempted his 3rd Kyu after feeling unwell at his last attempt. He certainly came back with a bang and point to prove and was one of the candidates for student of the grading. Great work Owen and keep it up.

Amy Tabner – Amy is an absolute superstar, she just hasn’t realised it yet! I wish she could see how good her karate is and have a bit more confidence in herself. She has high ability and no trouble remembering everything despite being very young. She corrects what you ask her to straight away and did so well at her grading. Next time, we hope to see a little more confidence to match her awesome karate! Well done!

Tom Healey – Tom has certainly not last any of his sparkle despite taking a little break from his training. We have not seen him for a while and he has come back refreshed and ready to impress again. He put in an excellent performance at his grading and we are so happy to have him back doing what he does best – karate! Well done Tom and keep it up.

Oliver Whittaker – Great performance from Ollie who hasn’t been training for that long, but he is so consistent with his attendance and picks up everything so quickly, he seems to have reached brown belt in lightning quick time. He is clearly a bright young man with bags of talent and the work ethic to match. We look forward to seeing just how good you’ll be by the time you go for black belt!


2nd Kyu 

Hammad, Hsanat and Hirra Ahmad – Absolutely fantastic karate from the 3 Ahmads who are so dedicated to their training. They have made exceptional progress between 2nd and 3rd Kyu (especially Hsanat) and Hirra was almost chosen as Student of the Grading. All three train 2-3 times a week every single week and are doing brilliantly. They are so polite , well mannered and a pleasure to teach. They are all still very young and there is lots of time to get even better – keep up the fantastic work. Well done!

Mark Jepson – Mark is doing really well with his karate and is very determined to reach his Black Belt. He is really strong and puts so much effort in, you couldn’t ask for any more. Mark is making good progress towards his black belt and was so determined to succeed at this grading, he’s a fab assistant and sets a great example to others well done.

Jonathan and Josiah Curtis – Father, daughter and son all enjoying training and successfully grading together! That is what it is all about. Both Jonathan and Josiah put in excellent performances and we couldn’t have asked for more. They worked so hard from start to finish and have very clear and clean karate. No bad habits have crept in and there are no weak areas in their training. Both will be very strong candidates for their black belt in the near future. Keep up the fantastic work and well done.

Charlotte Griffiths – Excellent performance from this super-talented and dedicated young lady. Charlotte train three-four times a week and absolutely loves her karate. She is just awesome, learns very quickly and is a pleasure to teach. I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s going for her black belt and beating everyone up in her path! Great grading Charlotte well done.

Joel Mander – Fantastic karate from Joel who always gives it 100% every time we see him. You would have to go far to fin a harder worker than Joel and his karate is looking really sharp and tidy. Joel is a natural. If he keeps up this fantastic work, he will be awesome by the time he goes for black belt. Congratulations.

Noah Green – Student of the Grading performance from Noah Green who is following in his big brothers footsteps in very impressive style. He tries so hard I just can’t put it into words. The concentration and work ethic from this young man is something to aspire to for everybody else. He is completely determined to do his best week in week out and I knew he was never going to let us down at grading. His karate is becoming extraordinarily good and strong and he is a pleasure to teach. Please keep up this amazing work young man and it won’t be long at all before we see both Green boys in Black Belts. Well done.


Thanks as always to the parents and supporters who gave up their time and the biggest thanks to our Instructors without whom, none of this would be possible. They work hard with the students every week to push them and get them ready for grading. They are also a massive help to run these big events and make sure that everybody does what they need to and earns their next belts. Fantastic work everyone. Thank you.