South Manchester Grading Results: 30th June 2019

We would like to congratulate all of the students who took part in our Club Grading at the National Taekwondo Centre in Manchester last Sunday. It was a very busy grading on a boiling hot day day

We had a large group of students coming to grading for the first ever time. After a very nervous start, the students soon settled in and began to relax and show us what they have been learning in their classes. They were all fantastic!

The white belts attempting orange belt were all super and should be really proud of themselves. The first grade really is the hardest to get because you have no idea what to expect. Every single student tried the best the could and that is all we can ask for. Well done to the group from Reddish who have only recently joined with Rob Sensei and have already achieved their first belts. Great work, well done.

Over 25 students were returning for the 2nd time attempting their Red Belts and they were all super. The whole group worked really hard and all were successful – well done.

There were also plenty of students attempting their yellow and green belts and we were so impressed. They all knew their katas, combinations and kumite drills and we were really happy with the standard of them all. Congratulations in particular to Zena Clarke from the Cheadle, Wilmlsow, Reddish and Handforth classes. Her karate was such a high standard she was double graded from red right up to green belt. Amazing work, well done.

There were 13 students attempting their purple belts and they were also very good. Well done to Isaac and Luke from Reddish, Daniel Price from Wilmslow, Jack Singh and Isobel Nair from Sensei Dave’s class and all of Lorraine Sensei’s little Lacey Green Superstars for your awesome performance at grading.

The group attempting purple and white belt were equally amazing and couldn’t have worked harder. Well done to Katy Lees, Anthony Singh, Thirsa Horrocks and Alex Bathurst. We had no complaints whatsoever and you are all turning into fantastic karateka. Well done and keep up the great work.

We had 1 student attempting her Brown Belt and 2 students attempting their 2nd Kyu’s. We are pleased to report that all were successful this time around and we look forward to seeing them again in the near future to attempt either 1st Kyu’s or BLACK BELTS!

3rd Kyu Brown Belt

Megan Fu – Wow this young lady is an absolute natural at karate. She picks everything up so quickly, performs beautifully, works really hard and has achieved an exceptional standard. Megan is a pleasure to teach and really set the standard for others to follow at the grading. Her perfomance was top drwaer and she has a very bright future ahead of her. We look forward to seeing her continually improve and be even better next time around. Fantastic work. Well done.


2nd Kyu Brown Belt

Tiarnan Walsh – What a hard worker. Tiarnan puts in 110% ever time he trains and we couldn’t ask for more from this very strong very promising future black belt. From the day he sdtarted he has been mad-keen to learn and impress. He almost works too hard to the point that he loses his balance but there is nothing whatsoever wrong with that! He’s a great talent and is very willing to learn and improve. The progress he has made between 3rd Kyu and 2nd Kyu is marvellous and his work has been rewarded with not only his 2nd Kyu, but also the student of the grading trophy. Well done.

Nils Van Dongden – Nils is another student we always look forward to seeing at grading. He also tries extremely hard and just gets better and better. He has tidied up his karate a lot and his katas were much improved. Kumite-wise he is brilliant, really powerful but very well controlled and he was great to watch. This lad has bags of talent and again we look forward to seeing further improvement made on his technique but he is progressing brilliantly towards that Black Belt. Well done.

Lastly, we must say a huge thanks to the parents and supporters who gave up their afternoon to support this event and also the Instructors who all do a fab job in preparing their students and supporting us on the day.

I’m sure everyone had better things to do on such a sunny day but you were all there and all contributed to running a smooth and successful day. Thank you. Without everyone’s combined effort we would have no club. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.