Grading News

South Manchester Grading Results: 21/10/2017

Fab grading at the National Taekwondo Centre in Manchester for the students training in the South Manchester and Cheshire classes.

There was some really impressive karate on display throughout the grading. There was a 100% pass rate which is fantastic especially considering there were quite a lot of little ones. They all did so well, they worked hard, they concentrated and thoroughly deserved their next belts.

There were a few brand new people attempting grading for the first time and they were ace. The was a large group from the Kings Road and Denton classes going for their Red Belts. They were all awesome and we were so impressed. Some fantastic work going on at these dojos taught by Sensei Paul, Dave and Lewis Thomas and Sensei Rob and Kath Head.

The group of yellow belts going for green did so well in every area, especially the Katas. Well done to Sheetal and Shalini Marchala, Katheryne and Kathleen Palomo, Eloise Smith and Jaydon Slater. You were all great and 100% deserved your green belts.

Niamh Lysaght and Cafu Jackson were the only 2 students attempting purple belt and they were both excellent. Cafu had really improved and has very strong karate. Almost all of the Instructors commented on how hardworking Niamh is and for that reason, she was awarded both her purple belt and the Student of the grading trophy. Great work. Well done! Your Instructors are very proud but not at all surprised, she trains like a demon every single lesson! Brilliant young lady and definitely a future black belt.

There were 3 students going for 4th Kyu purple and white belt and all three were pushed right to their limits and were made to work hard for their belts. Tom Healey was as impressive as always, this lads talent is really special and his performance was exceptional. Bruce Smith worked hard throughout the grading and has improved a lot between 5th and 4th kyu, well done. Daniella Seaton was ace, she is catching up to her big brother and looks like she really enjoys her karate. Her standard was excellent and she clearly pays attention to detail. We look forward to seeing her progress at future gradings as she is certainly one to watch. Great stuff.

3rd Kyu Brown Belt

Three students took their 3rd Kyu brown belts and all three were made to work so hard, they were on the brink of collapse by the end of the grading. That my friends, is how you should be at the end of a grading and that is how you know that you earned it. Top work guys and keep pushing forward towards that black belt.

Oliver Smith – Oliver has been training with Lorraine Sensei for many years and has definitely made improvement between 4th Kyu and 3rd Kyu. He is very dedicated and trains twice a week every week. This commitment is fantastic and we were impressed with his effort on the day. He worked really hard and deserves his 3rd Kyu. Well done Oliver and keep it up.

Anthony Greenough – Anthony is another very committed student travelling all over Manchester and Lancashire to train 3-4 times a week, every single week. He always works hard in class and really enjoys his training. He attends all of our special events and has improved a lot between 4th and 3rd Kyu. Karate is for everyone and Anthony is proof of this, a retired gentleman who puts so much effort in to his training is a fine example to all of us. He’s also a fun character to have in the Club. Keep up the great work.

Rob Vernon – Rob is a fantastic student, really enthusiastic to learn and is very spirited. He struggles with injuries but never complains. He tries his best, gets on with it, has a really positive attitude and sets a great example to his brilliant son Noah. Rob has improved immeasurably since upping his training earlier this year. He trained in the morning at a beasting session in Handforth, a decision I’m sure he was beginning to regret as the grading progressed. The sense of achievement at the end of the day though must have been very satisfying! Well done Rob, you earned every inch of that brown belt and keep up the excellent work.

Huge thanks to the Instructors and Cadets who helped out on the day and who make our job very easy. You prepare the students so well and keep them motivated and push them hard throughout the grading. It is the teamwork that makes another successful and enjoyable event.

Big thanks to all the parents and supporters on the day for your time and efforts with our students. It is you who keep them going when it gets tough. Never ever let them quit. There’s no sense in getting so far to give up on everything. Everyone has the opportunity and potential to make Black Belt. Be one of the brave and strong students who get the job done!