Grading News

South Manchester Grading Results: 18th November 2017

Thank you to all the awesome Red Tigers who attempted their next grade at our South Manchester grading at the National Taekwondo Centre last Saturday 18th November.

It was an absolutely freezing day and we had a great turnout. All students did very well and worked hard to impress the Instructors.

The white belts were extremely good and could correctly perform their combinations, Heian Shodan and Gohan Kumite to an excellent standard. We’d like to welcome all our new white belts and we hope that you enjoyed your first experience with us at grading. Looking at some of the awesome talent among that group, this will be your first grading of many.

We were also very impressed with our new red and yellow belts who are really settling into their training. They showed us some absolutely brilliant karate and gave it 100% from beginning to the end of the grading.

The day belonged to the higher grades however who have dedicated a few years to their training and really stood out.

The effort was exceptionally good and where there is effort, there is always marvellous karate to watch.

A few students travelled a long distance to attempt grading including Grace and Ruben Smith from Darwen Outstanding commitment to your karate.

There were some great new green belts too including Anas and Yonis Jasim and Joshua Walton! Our new purple belts Joshua Doyle, Joel Mander and Tiarnan Walsh were also excellent so congratulations to you all. This is the grade where we lose the most people so do not give up on your karate journey, you have come so far. Keep training and stay motivated and keep pushing towards that brown belt.

We were so impressed with the purple and white belt group who showed an excellent Heian Godan. This can be a tricky kata but our group had it mastered so well done. Mark Jepson, Grace & Olivia Prince, Jayden Clarke, Nathan Cockburn, Charlotte Griffiths, Alexander Robin and Kaiden Hindley were all really hard working and determined to succeed. Keep up the great work.


3rd Kyu Brown belts and above

Alex Ryan – An outstanding performance from a super-talented and rising star. Alex worked really hard and looked super sharp. He performed well in every section and we were all so impressed. Alex has excellent kumite in particular and tries really hard to perfect his Katas. He is a pleasure to teach and a lovely lad. We are looking forward to seeing him further fulfill his potential.

Sam Lees – Sam always tries really hard at classes, events and gradings and he never disappoints. He was completely exhausted by the end of the grading and had put everything in. Sam is making great progress and is shaping up to be a really good candidate for black belt in the near future. Keep up the great work young man. You could be awesome.

Alex Sant – Alex was absolutely fantastic. Clearly, he works hard every lesson and listens to the advice from his Instructor. He is getting very good indeed and you’ll have to go along way to find a child his age who is anywhere near as strong and powerful as Alex. Hie has come such a long way in a relatively short space of time. This young man is very talented indeed and we are very excited about seeing him further fulfill his potential. Well done and keep up the great work.

Michael Parry – Michael is a really enthusiastic student who always works really hard. He has improved a lot between 4th and 3rd Kyu and did really well in all areas. His combinations were strong, his katas well practised and his kumite was excellent. A great performance from a lovely young man. Well done and keep up the fab work.

Betsy Bullen – is an excellent student and always performs to a great standard. We always have high expectations of her and she didn’t disappoint us on Saturday. She earned every inch of her brown belt and we know that she is capable of even more. She must continue to work hard and push towards the next level as now she has her brown belt, the hard work really starts! Well done Betsy, you were ace!

Hayden Peake – Hayden is a seriously talented student. He was fantastic on the grading day and has been training witrh Debbie Sensei for a fair few years now. He is focused, determined and has a great attitude. Really happy to see him reaching such a high standard. Well done and keep up the great work young man.

Jaime Padron – Jaime is super enthusiastic about karate and has been from day one. He tries so hard to fulfill his potential and having previous experience in martial arts, has a great attitude and an admirable willingness to adapt to the way we do things. He’s so eager to listen, learn and improve and this is why he was so good on Saturday. He has made massive improvement and we are delighted that he has started our Instructor course as he led by example throughout the grading. Congratulations Jaime, you were fab, even if you did get a bit of a beasting in the kumite. You look like you enjoyed it anyway!

Ruben Smith – What a day Ruben had, not only was he awesome in all areas, he got his brown belt and was chosen by the Instructors for Student of the Grading. Ruben always works extremely hard in class and has exceptionally high ability. His kumite is excellent and he is very strong for his age. Ruben is certainly one talented young man with a very bright future. We look forward to helping him fulfill his massive potential and be even better next time around. Well done mate, you were ace!


2nd Kyu 

Imaan Fatima – It has been a fair while since Imaan last graded and she has improved immeasurably as a result. She isn’t the most confident student but more recently she has put in much more effort and been trying really hard in the run up to her grading. She has attended extra courses and increased her training. Her performance on the day was the best I have ever seen her train. She is maturing into a very good student and is a really polite and pretty young lady. We are really pleased that her hard work paid off and she is now a 2nd Kyu. Well done.

Coral Gavaghan – earned every inch of her 2nd Kyu and was as impressive as always throughout. She has made vast improvement and has beautiful and strong karate. Her katas are excellent mainly because she pushes her stances brilliantly and she puts some fantastic combinations together when sparring. It was a near faultless performance from  a fab Trainee Instructor and we are delighted that she is setting such a great example at both gradings and in her class week in week out. Well done and we look forward to seeing you further fulfill your massive potential.

Noah Vernon – Finally this wonderful young man is really shaping up to be an outstanding black belt. He has improved in all areas, is a pleasure to watch and a pleasure to teach. His potential is massive and he is looking much sharper and more confident than ever before. He has really nice looking karate and has started to put more physical effort behind it which will make him a much more effective fighter. Well done and keep up the amazing work young man.

Daisy Atkins and Frazer Atkins – Super talented twins Daisy and Frazer have been very dedicated students since day one. Both very intelligent, very hard working and great to teach. Frazer is very good at picking new parts of the syllabus up and remebering them whereas Daisy used to be happy to just copy. More recently she has started to take responsibility and stop copying her brother. This is paying off for her and she was much improved from her last performance at grading. Frazer is awesome, he always tries hard and is completely focused on getting his Black Belt. With such supportive parents and a work ethic like theirs, I’m sure they can do it and the Instructors are behind them every step of the way. Great kids, great karate, very well done!



1st Kyu 

Matthew McCabe –  Excellent performance from one of Debbie Sensei’s longest serving students. Matthew worked his socks off from the of the grading start to finish and you simply couldn’t ask for any more. He has improved a lot and should be very pleased with his performance, his attitude is much improved too. I personally love his Kiai. It is like a ROAR and comes right up from the toes. He was really strong and brave in the kumite section. I’d love to see him go for black belt in the near future, he just needs to keep up the hard work and continue to make steady progress. Almsot there Matthew. Well done.

Huge thanks to all the Instructors who do all the hard work to prepare the students and make sure that they get their chance to shine at grading. They also help massively with the grading event from signing in to teaching sections to encouraging the students to keep going, you really are the best and we appreciate you all.

Thanks to the parents and supporters who keep the students going to karate week in week out, our most successful students are always the ones who train consistently, who never miss class and those who have supportive parents.

Overall it was a fantastic day so WELL DONE. Photo’s will be available to collect at classes from next Monday onward and are free of charge.