South Manchester Grading Results: 17-9-2016

We held a Club Grading for our students training in the South Manchester and Cheshire classes. The standard in this areas as always was superb with some excellent group and individual performances. The Instructors in the area clearly show great attention to detail and prepared their students really well for the grading.

We would like to congratulate all of the students who attended and whether you passed or not, you all tried your best and that is all we can ask.

We saw students attempting the very first grade of orange belt (9th Kyu) right up to the grade of 2nd Kyu. There were some fantastic lower grades including; Niamh Lysaght, Arvin Alani, the Chaffer Family and Alex and Katie Jamieson.

The group attempting green belt were highly impressive particularly in the Kata and Kumite sections. Well done to Oliver Perrin, Abby Fryer, Ellie, Callum and Abbie Glew who were all excellent and breezed through to their green belts. The Student of the Grading trophy went to Hayden Peake who graded to green belt, for his outstanding effort and high standard.  Congratulations and keep it up.

We must also congratulate the students attempting 4th Kyu purple and white belt for their effort and determination to see the job through to the end. Faaiz and Saaim Malik and Claire Boden all worked really hard and were completely exhausted. We were particularly impressed once again by Coral Gavaghan who put in a very impressive performance to achieve her 4th Kyu. This lady has bags of potential and continues to improve every time we see her. Well done.

Five students attempted Brown Belts and above and were pushed way beyond their limits. We test students at Red Tiger to see how well they perform when tired and under pressure and not one of them let us down. All showed great heart and spirit and thoroughly deserved their 3rd Kyu’s and 2nd Kyu’s.

Ellen and Brendan Conyard have been training for over 3 years and regularly train 2-3 times a week. They have both improved considerably between 4th Kyu and 3rd Kyu and must continue to work on their combinations section and they will be fab. Both fought bravely to the end and we are proud to have them as brown belts. Well done Team Conyard.

We saw 3 students attempting their 2nd Kyu, all young boys who have been training from a very early age. Their effort was outstanding and they led by example from start to finish. Matthew McCabe from the Timperley dojo has been training for many years and has made vast improvement recently under Sensei Debbie and Sensei Dave. He is focused and shows great spirit. His Kiai’s are so loud that I think they might have been able to hear him in the car park. Fantastic grading well done young man. Keep up the great work.

The Shakos Brothers; Samuel and Joseph were the last two students to grade on the day. They are both fantastic Cadet Leaders with bags of potential and our expectations were high. Both boys were excellent from start to finish and couldn’t have tried harder. Samuel was arguably the best we have ever seen him and despite Joseph beginning to feel unwell towards the end, he did enough to impress us and prove that he is good enough to be a 2nd Kyu. Fantastic stuff from both boys, but we know there is much more to come. Well done.

As always a huge thanks to all who took part, to the parents who supported and the Instructors who make it all possible. We are one big team and together we can continue to achieve more and more success. Thanks and well done.