Grading News

South Manchester Grading Results: 15-7-2017

Thank you to all the awesome Red Tigers who attempted their next grade at our South Manchester grading at the National Taekwondo Centre.

It was a sweltering day and a great turnout. All students did very well and worked hard to impress the Instructors.

The white belts were extremely good and could correctly perform their combinations, Heian Shodan and Gohan Kumite to an excellent standard. We’d like to welcome all our new white belts and we hope that you enjoyed your first experience with us at grading. Looking at some of the awesome talent among that group, this will be your first grading of many.

Well done to the new students from Denton in particular. Dave Robertson Sensei who taught their section commented that they were outstanding. A testament to their hard work and the great team of Instructors Paul W Sensei and Dave and Lewis Thomas.

We were also very impressed with our new red and yellow belts who are really settling into their training. They showed us some absolutely brilliant karate and gave it 100% from beginning to the end of the grading. Dean Sensei’s Irlam students were brilliant as were the students who train over at Lacey Green with Lorraine Sensei.

We had one student double grade from white belt to red belt and he was fantastic. Well done Isaac Jepson from the Strockton Heath class.

The day belonged to the higher grades however who have dedicated a few years to their training and really stood out.

The effort was exceptionally good and where there is effort, there is always marvellous karate to watch.

A few students travelled a long distance to attempt grading including James and Katie Watterson from Leyland. Outstanding commitment to your karate, you both did fantastically well to get your purple and white belts, well done.

There were some great new green belts too including Niamh Lysaght who would make an outstanding Cadet Leader if we could twist her arm a little! Joel Mander, Tiarnan Walsh and Vicki Atkins were also outstandingly good and a pleasure to watch.

Our new purple belts were excellent so congratulations to you all. This is the grade where we lose the most people so do not give up on your karate journey, you have come so far. Keep training and stay motivated and keep pushing towards that brown belt.

We were so impressed with the purple and white belt group who showed an excellent Heian Godan. This can be a tricky kata but our group had it mastered so well done. Alex Ryan, Hayden Peake, Emily Knox, Alex Sant, Lucy Crabtree, Team Watterson and Abby Fryer were the best group of people going to 4th Kyu we have had in ages. Keep up the great work.

Onto the brown belts we go and we must mention two young boys who suffered a major setback at the last grading – Jamie and Charlie Eyre. Both boys returned to grading having made massive improvements in their Kata, stances and combinations. They have both been having extra lessons with Sensei Paul in order to better themselves and their hard work really did pay off. They were really impressive. You have showed great determination and resilience – two things that you need in order to be successful not only in karate, but also later in life. Congratulations on earning your 3rd Kyu brown belts and keep up the great work.

3rd Kyu Brown belts and above

Jude Smythe also achieved his brown belt after training with us for quite a number of years now. Jude always tries hard and is still very young. He knows he has lots to work on and there is plenty of room for improvement. He was very determined on the grading day and concentrated throughout brilliantly. Well done Jude! What a star!

Gina Farrance is an excellent student and always performs to a great standard. We always have high expectations of her and she didn’t disappoint on Saturday. She earned every inch of her brown belt and we know that she is capable of so much more. She must continue to work hard and push towards the next level as now she has her brown belt, the hard work really starts! Well done G, you were ace!

Adam Paksy – Adam Paksy is an exceptional student. He is extraordinarily talented and just has the gift. He breezed his way through the grading and had all the Instructors buzzing about him! Who is he? Where does he train? Which lucky devils get to teach him? Remember this name because Adam is Student of the Year material for sure. He was awarded Student of the Grading and he really is developing into a very special student indeed. He’s a lovely lad too, not big headed and helps other in class. We are so excited by his talent and look forward to seeing him get better and better.

2nd Kyu 

Brendan Conyard and Ellen Conyard also suffered a setback following their last attempt at 2nd Kyu. Since then, both have been training 3-4 times a week and have improved 100%. They both looked sharper and more dynamic in their Jiyu Ippon and chose to complete the full grading rather than just retake that section. An admirable yet exhausting decision I’m sure.  Both Brendan and Ellen were much more focused and accurate with their attacks and counters and they had improved in all areas of their karate. Well done to you both and keep up the great work.

Christopher Lysaght – An outstanding performance from a super talented and committed rising star. Christopher worked really hard and looked so sharp. He performed well in every section and we were all so impressed. He too would make an awesome cadet leader as he set a great example at the grading. Well done.

Jonathan Seaton – Jonathan always tries really hard at classes, events and gradings and he never disappoints. He was completely exhausted by the end of the grading and had put everything in. He is making great progress and is shaping up to be a good candidate for black belt in the near future.

1st Kyu 

Joseph & Samuel Shakos – What a couple of superstars, the Shakos brothers have got it all. Ability, concentration, commitment, a fantastic attitude and a great work ethic to match. Joseph almost tries too hard and this can knock him off balance at time. We would much rather see someone really going for it like Joseph does than coasting and saving themselves. His karate was excellent and always has been.  Samuel is awesome too. He also tries a little too hard at times and is so dynamic with his movements especially in Kata. His kumite is outstanding and he has really improved in this area, his movement and distance control is very impressive. I’m sure they will both keep up the great work towards achieving their Shodans in the near future

Pete Stansfield – Pete is hands down one of the best kyu grade adults in the Club. He works hard, pays attention to the finer details (or wife Emma points them out haha) to really try and fulfill his potential. He’s super eager to learn and improve and this is why he was so good on Saturday. He has made massive improvement and is starting to relax a little bit more which is great. Congratulations Pete, you were fab! Next stop is Black Belt.

Huge thanks to all the Instructors who do all the hard work to prepare the students and make sure that they get their chance to shine at grading. They also help massively with the grading event from signing in to teaching sections to encouraging the students to keep going, you really are the best and we appreciate you all.

Thanks to the parents and supporters who keep the students going to karate week in week out, our most successful students are always the ones who train consistently, who never miss class and those who have supportive parents.

Overall it was a fantastic day so WELL DONE. Photo’s will be available to collect at classes from Wednesday onward and are free of charge.