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South Manchester Grading Results: 12-3-2016

What an enjoyable day at the South Manchester grading last Saturday afternoon. There was lots of eager Red Tigers ready to show off their skills and earn their first or next belts.

It was a nervous day for some more than others because we had one student going all the way up to 1st Kyu -the last grading you will do before your Black Belt.

Every student tried really hard from start to finish and there were outstanding performances. It was fantastic to see more students attempting their red belts than attempting their orange belts. This tells us that the Instructors in the area are doing a fab job, keeping people interested and developing students through our system.

We are privileged to have great team working in this area and a big thanks goes to all the Instructors and Assistants who helped out on the day and whose hard work week in week out is the main reason why the standard is always so high at this grading venue.

We saw some fantastic little students going to yellow belt including Emily Knox and our Student of the Grading Oliver Perrin who trains in the Sale class with Dave Robertson Sensei and Catherine Johnson Sensei. Oliver was so sharp and exceptionally well focused throughout and we are excited by his amazing potential. We hope he keeps up the good work and we look forward to seeing how he progresses soon.

Coral Gavaghan who has previous experience in Shotokan Karate once again double-graded from Yellow belt up to Purple belt. Her effort was excellent throughout and she is really beginning to show the potential to become a top adult female in our Club. Congratulations Coral and keep it up.

Luke Robertson did brilliantly grading from green to purple belt after taking a short break in his karate career. He is back with a bang, a medal at our recent tournament and achieving his purple belt sounds like a pretty successful return. Well done Luke, stay focussed and keep on working hard, you were great.

There were a large number of students grading to purple and white belt from the Stockton Heath class which was opened by Steve Dargan Sensei a couple of years ago. These students have been there from the very beginning and are progressing brilliantly. The adults – Andrew Perris and Andrew Holland really do set a great example and work extremely hard at every grading. Joshua, Jessica, Freya and Aimee were also impressive and thoroughly deserved their new belts. They must continue to train hard as the next one is Brown Belt and that is not an easy grade to get! Steve Sensei and Brandon Sensei are hard task masters and will be expecting you all to be on top form.

Vicky Connett was also successful and earned her 4th Kyu. She should not be so hard on herself in future as she put in 100% effort in throughout the grading and showed she has great spirit. Anyone can have a momentary lapse in concentration but you showed a lot of bravery to continue and did really well in the kumite. Start believing in yourself a bit more as you can do it.

Just one student attempted Brown Belt and one student attempted their 1st Kyu this time around.

Rosie Morriss completed her 3rd Kyu grading and was impressive throughout. She has made vast improvement and has beautiful karate. Her katas are excellent and she puts some fantastic combinations together when sparring. It was a near faultless performance from a wonderful Cadet Leader and we are delighted that she is setting such a great example at both gradings and in her class week in week out. Well done missus!

Lucie Adams EARNED every inch of her 1st Kyu belt. Her effort throughout the grading was fantastic and she coped with the pressure of being the highest grade on the day with maturity way beyond her years. She kept her composure and focus throughout and showed great spirit and determination from start to finish. She ripped her foot open in the kumite and did not for one second look like she was going to give up fighting hard. She really wanted her belt and it was 100% deserved. Once her foot has recovered we hope to see her continue this hard work and refocus on achieving her Black Belt before the end of the year!

Congratulations to all the students who took part and a huge thank you to the parents and supporters who gave the them this opportunity. Your support is essential in their karate journey and without you motivating them week in week out and helping them get through their gradings, they wouldn’t be able to achieve all the great things that they do!