South Manchester Grading – 9th June 2018

Fab grading last Saturday at the National Taekwondo Centre in Manchester for the students training in the South Manchester and Cheshire classes.

Congratulations to all the students who attempted their first or next gradings on a very hot summers day!There was some really impressive karate on display throughout the grading.

There were a quite a few brand new white belts attempting grading for the first time and they were ace. Well done to all who graded with us for the first ever time and I hope you enjoyed showing off your karate at the very impressive National Taekwondo Centre.

Overall, Paul Sensei was very happy with the standard on the day. Effort was 110% and everyone was made to work really hard for their next belts.

I have heard excellent reports from Paul Wolstencroft Sensei about the following students: Keiran Garcha, Maisie and Megan Fu who went from yellow to green belt, Oliver Whittaker, Leon Judge and Rosie Coleman who went from green to purple belt and Amy Tabner who got her purple and white belt. Great stuff and keep up the fab work.

Huge congratulations to the next group of students who set the standard from the start. All worked tirellessly from start to finish and were fantastic role models for those coming through the ranks:


3rd Kyu Brown Belt

Niamh Lysaght – Paul Sensei was very impressed with Niamh and says she is a good all-rounder. No weak areas to her karate and that she tried really hard all the way through. She sets a great example to the youngsters in the class and is such a quick learner. This talented young lady has what it takes to go all the way to Black Belt andf is an absolute pleasure to teach. Keep it up Niamh.

Jayden Clarke – What an exhausting day Jayden must have had. He not only completed the two and half hour grading in sweltering heat, he also trained in the morning class. Good on you Jayden for getting it done. Jayden tried really hard all the way through and had really nice Katas. He has improved a lot between 4th and 3rd Kyu and must keep up the excellent work.

Kaiden Hindley – What a little superstar who is really dedicated to his training. He has come so far in such a relatively short space of time and is always trying his best. For his age, his standard is fantastic and Paul Sensei was particularly impressed with his combinations and Katas. Well done little man and keep up the good work.


2nd Kyu 

Ahraf Khetab – Student of the Grading trophy winning performance from a lovely chap who has been training with Lorraine Sensei for many years. He did so well and Paul Sensei could not believe the difference in his karate between his last grading performance and this one. He scored highly in all areas and was great fun to spar with. We should all be inspired by Ashraf and what he has managed to achieve over the years with dedication and hard work. We would like to see him keep up the fab work and make it all the way to Black Belt

Abby Fryer – Abby seemed to get off to a pretty nervous start but there was absolutely nothing to worry about for this mega talented young lady! She is fantastic and has made loads of progress since we last saw her. She tried her hardest throughout the grading and did especially well in the kumite section. Fantastic performance Abby and keep up the hard work and dedication. Start believing in yourself a bit more and you’ll be unstoppable.

Betsy Bullen – Betsy has had a tough time recently with injuries but was very determined to get her next belt on the day. Betsy is a very talented young lady and is always impressive at events and gradings. We have come to expect a lot from her and she certainly didn’t disappoint. Her effort and spirit on the day was fantastic and we are so pleased that she got a successful outcome. Her Katas are beautiful and her combinations were very well practised. Excellent work Betsy – keep up the great work.

Rhys Jenkins – Rhys has been training with us for a very long time and in more recent years has started to meet his potential. He couldn’t have worked harder at the grading and we couldn’t have asked for more. He put every last ounce of energy he had into getting his next belt and thoroughly deserved it. Rhys is a very talented young man and needs to have more confidence. if his confidence matched his effort, we would be looking at a real star for the future. Well done.

Graham Jenkins – Graham is a very solid karateka and good in all areas, he scored highly in all areas of the grading and there is no doubt that his karate works. He has been training with us for many years and makes every attempt to improve his karate by attending all our events. He is making excellent progress towards his Black Belt and we hope to see him and Rhys achieve it together in the near future.


Huge thanks to the Instructors who helped out on the day and who make our job very easy. You prepare the students so well and keep them motivated and push them hard throughout the grading. It is the teamwork that makes another successful and enjoyable event.

Big thanks to all the parents and supporters on the day for your time and efforts with our students. It is you who keep them going when it gets tough. Never ever let them quit. There’s no sense in getting so far to give up on everything. Everyone has the opportunity and potential to make Black Belt. Be one of the brave and strong students who get the job done!

Big thanks to Teresa Sensei, Karen Sensei and Lorraine Sensei for signing in and taking over my organisational duties on the day. I am very grateful, thank you very much ladies.