South Manchester and Morecambe Grading Results: 21st and 22nd April 2018

Congratulations to all the awesome Red Tigers who attempted their next grade at our South Manchester grading at the National Taekwondo Centre last Saturday 21st April and in Morecambe on Sunday 22nd April.

It was one of the warmest weekends of the year which can make for a very uncomfortable grading indeed but our students didn’t let that stop them. We saw an excellent standard overall on both days and there were some outstanding individual performances.

Huge well done to all the students who were successful over the two days and thanks to all the Instructors and Assistants who helped us out.

Saturday 21st April South Manchester Grading:

It was such a busy day with an excellent turnout. All students did very well and worked hard to impress the Instructors. We are pleased to report that all students who attempted their grading were successful.

Over half of the students grading were white belts attempting their first full grade of 9th Kyu orange belt. This group were extremely good and could correctly perform their combinations, Heian Shodan and Gohan Kumite to an excellent standard. We’d like to welcome all our new white belts and we hope that you enjoyed your first experience with us at grading. Looking at some of the awesome talent among that group, this will be your first grading of many.

We were also very impressed with our new red and yellow belts who are really settling into their training. They showed us some absolutely brilliant karate and gave it 100% from the beginning to the end of the grading.

In fact, it was one of the lower grades who was chosen for the Student of the grading trophy. Brook Busby from Connor Sensei’s Denton class stood out for all the right reasons, she was sharp, focused and her standard was extremely impressive. This girl has so much potential and we are looking forward to seeing her progress through the grades. Fantastic performance well done. This is not the first time one of Connor Sensei’s students have been student of the grading as Bobby Perry won the last one. This young and talented new Instructor is certainly on a trophy-winning roll!

The day belonged to the higher grades however who have dedicated a few years to their training and really stood out.

The effort was exceptionally good and where there is effort, there is always marvellous karate to watch.

We were particularly impressed with the students going for green belts, purple belts and purple and white belts. You all showed that you are still enthusiastic to learn and improve having hit an intermediate level. These middle grades are usually where we lose the most people as they decide they’ve had enough. We saw some outstanding performers in these grade groups and we would hope that you all continue to stay inspired and push on toward the brown belt. You all have what it takes.

Seven students successfully earned their brown belts and above and they have all shown commitment and dedication to their training to get this far. Fantastic stuff!

I must quickly mention Daniella Seaton who unfortunately did not manage to complete the grading after becoming unwell after the kihon section. She was training fantastically well up to that point and it is a real shame that she did not manage to complete the grading and get her brown belt. She has loads of potential and she tried so hard. Next time, she will smash it. Get well soon Daniella.


3rd Kyu 

Demi McDonagh – What an excellent grading from Demi, this girl is amazing and shows no signs of slowing down. She’s an absolute belting student and has beautiful Karate. She was showed great spirit in the kumite section and tried hard throughout the combinations. Her karate was awesome and she is getting better and better every time we see her. Demi is very dedicated, training multiple times a week and this hard work is certainly paying off. She has grown in confidence and I’m sure that passing her brown belt will give her a much needed boost and help her continue to push on towards the next level.  Keep up the fab work Demi and I’m sure you will make a great black belt very soon no doubt!

Katie Watterson – Katie’s performance at grading was brilliant. This is the best I have ever seen her train. She is a very committed student, training twice a week every week alongside her Dad and has been a member of our Club for many years now. She shows excellent potential and  she is really sharp, focused and determined to succeed at karate. Her kumite is much improved and she has been working harder with her combinations and Katas. Katie seems to lack a little confidence, which is a shame because she is super talented. I would hope that putting in such a solid performance at grading will help to resolve her confidence issues and allow her to build some momentum as she approaches her Black Belt. Well done young lady and keep up the great work!

James Watterson – James is a very committed student and such a quick learner. He’s an absolute pleasure to teach and his karate is becoming very good indeed. It was great to see his hard work paying off and he has improved so much between 4th Kyu and 3rd Kyu. James is always very focused in class and has been working on improving his technique. There are no weak areas in his karate, he always trains hard and has excellent combinations, Katas and Kumite. Congratulations on your 3rd Kyu James, keep up the great work and we look forward to see you attempting your Black Belt in the near future.


2nd Kyu 

Andy and Joshua Perris – Andy and Joshua  always work really hard every time we see them at events and gradings. Both are talented and committed students who train in the Stockton Heath Dojo. They are determined to improve and have been having extra lessons to take their karate to the next level and work on the specifics. Both have improved enormously between 3rd Kyu and 2nd Kyu and we were very impressed. You’d have to go a long way to find students who work harder than these two. The combinations looked really strong and both have solid Kihon. They have both got tidy Katas and very strong kumite which we have no doubt would work for them both inside and outside of the dojo. Keep up the excellent work and we look forward to seeing you make further improvement as you approach your black belts.

Charlie Eyre – Overall a solid performance from this talented and hard working young man. Since struggling at his previous grading Charlie has been having extra lessons with Paul Sensei to take his karate to help him improve. This hard work has certainly paid off and this was the best performance we have seen him give. We couldn’t have asked for me more as he always gives it 110% and must have gone home absolutely exhausted. Charlie is very good at kumite and has been trying to improve his Katas to bring them up to his kumite standard. He is making great progress and he proved that he has everything it takes to get to Black Belt. Well done young man and keep up the fantastic work.


1st Kyu 

Jonathan Seaton – What a brilliant performance from a naturally gifted student. He is so dedicated to his training and is always working hard in his classes. His combinations and katas were much improved and he will need continue to work hard in these areas as he approaches Black Belt. Jonathan’s kumite is always good and he is a really strong and powerful young man. We have no doubt he’d be able to take care of himself if he was ever unfortunate enough to have to. His kicks are really powerful and he shows great determination and a high level of skill when sparring. Jonathan has been training with us for many years and it would be great to see him continue to work hard and kick on towards his black belt. Well done young man.

Sunday 22nd April – Morecambe Grading

After a pretty exhausting day on Saturday, we travelled to the Morecambe dojo to assess the students currently training in the area. The standard was exceptional, all of the students worked really hard and were clearly very well prepared by Dave Sensei and Debbie Sensei. As we saw on the day, Dave Sensei is certainly a taskmasker and doesn’t accept anything less than 100% from his students. This is why they were soooooo good!

They were super sharp throughout the kihon and the combinations were absolutely spot on. The Katas and Kumite sections were brilliant and Paul Sensei had no complaints whatsoever. I’d even go as far to say that he was actually quite happy for once. Congratulations to the Morecambe crew for making this miracle happen! haha! Even Dave Sensei has to admit he was a little bit happy by the end. I think I might have even seen a couple of smiles out of them but I can’t be certain haha. Amazing team! Well done.

We always mention by name those who have dedicated a number of years to their karate training and say a few words about each of our new brown belts and above.

3rd Kyu

Holly Quinn – Wow, what a student. Absolutely awesome performance from Holly who clearly has everything it takes to go all the way to Black Belt. I bet she is a dream to teach, so talented, so hardworking and a lovely girl. Strong in all areas and fit as a fiddle. Holly is one to watch for the future, there is no doubt. Keep up the fantastic effort Missus, your karate is amazing!


2nd Kyu 

Catherine Vernum – Student of the Grading winning performance from this incredibly talented young lady. I am so pleased for Catherine that she continues to just get better and better every time we see her. She works so hard at her karate and has exceptionally good Katas. Her sparring could be improved with more combinations and being more positive when attacking but she should take some confidence from the fact that she was much better at kumite than last time. Keep up the great work Catherine!

Tina Mant – My wish is that we had a Tina Mant in every dojo. She trains really hard with her kids, week in week out, sets a great example to everyone and is a fantastic role model for everyone. Her karate is really good and she has made some great improvement. But she really looks after everyone else in the dojo by encouraging and inspiring others to put in more effort. She is red faced from the first minute and has such fierce determination to successfully complete the grading and be the best she can be. A fab grading performance from an amazing, lovely and kind lady. Well done.


1st Kyu 

Jos Hall – An exceptional performance from a lovely young man. We couldn’t have asked for more from Jos, he was outstanding from start to finish and his karate was excellent in all areas. His Kihon and Katas were marvellous, perhaps there is a little room for improvement in his kumite but he has plenty of time for that. Keep working hard, stay motivated and we know by the time you are ready to attempt Black Belt, we’ll be confident that you’ll be successful. Well done.

Priya Bradley – Another fantastic young lady with enormous potential. Debbie and Dave Sensei’s really are spoilt with the talent in the area, Priya is brilliant. She works so hard and was absolutely exhausted by the end of the grading. She has natural talent and the work ethic to match. She should take some confidence from her performance and be really proud of herself. We are confident that she has everything it takes to be an outstanding Black Belt in the near future. You are a superstar missus!

Huge thanks to all the Instructors who do all the hard work to prepare the students and make sure that they get their chance to shine at grading. They also help massively with the grading event from signing in to teaching sections to encouraging the students to keep going, you really are the best and we appreciate you all.

Thanks to the parents and supporters who keep the students going to karate week in week out, our most successful students are always the ones who train consistently, who never miss class and those who have supportive parents.

Overall it was a fantastic day so WELL DONE. Photos will be available to collect at classes this week and are free of charge.