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Shohei Toyama Sensei Courses – Saturday 9th November 2019


Thank you to all the Red Tigers who attend the JKS England Courses with JKS Hombu Dojo Instructor Shohei Toyama Sensei on Saturday 9th November.

Both courses were well supported and I think it is safe to say we were all really impressed with Toyama Sensei’s karate despite him recovering from a recently broken hand. We can see why he is a JKS World Champ and a very successful WKF competitor.

Toyama Sensei covered kihon, heian kata sandan, yondan, godan  tekki shodan and kumite drills in session one. He was very clear about how he expected techniques to be done and showed us some exceptional demonstrations. His English was pretty good and he was a pleasure to work with all day. Sensei was happy to be in photographs and sign uniforms for our students and he was so polite and humble.



I am sure we will all agree that Toyama Sensei is not only an inspirational athlete but also an inspirational person.

The second course consisted of more advanced kihon followed by Kata Kanuku-Sho and advanced kumite drills. Sensei showed us how to set techniques up and cover distance in a blink of an eye, no joke, he is that lightning quick. I am sure that everyone who took the time to attend thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned absolutely loads.

We all clearly have plenty to work on to improve all areas of our karate.

Toyama Sensei also awarded Dan grading diplomas to those who took Shodans and Nidans in September with Alan Campbell Sensei.


What a great opportunity for our Club, thank you to Shohei Toyama Sensei for visiting us and thanks to JKS England for choosing us to host another World Class Karateka.


The biggest thanks goes to everyone who attended from our Club, Instructors, our students and Assistants, Paul Allison from JKS Preston, Kevin Christopher from JKS Leyland, Paul from JKS Chester and his students. Without your support and enthusiasm, these events just wouldn’t be possible.

Paul Towler kindly took photographs and videos on the day and these can be viewed using the link below. Feel free to download and share these images. Thanks so much for your hard work and processing them all so quickly.

Password (lowercase): jks

The videos are all at bottom.