Shodan & Nidan Grading Preparation Class

All students who are eligible to attempt their Shodan or Nidan on Sunday 13th May are invited to attend our grading preparation class.

This is a one hour class taken by Paul Wolstencroft Sensei and you will be working on the Shodan or Nidan combinations, Katas and Kumite.

This class will take place on the following Monday evenings from 6pm-7pm at Thornleigh Salesian High School in Bolton:

  • Monday 19th March
  • Monday 26th March
  • Monday 9th April
  • Monday 16th April
  • Monday 23rd April
  • Monday 30th April
  • Monday 7th May

Normal training fee applies and we would strongly encourage you to take part in this extra training which will be solely dedicated to the syllabus you need to be working on.

If you have been on your 1st Kyu for six months or longer, or have been on your Nidan for more than 2 years, you are eligible to attempt your Shodan or Nidan. In the past, the preparation class has given grading candidates much needed extra practise and a confidence boost. You will also be working alongside the students you will be attempting to grade with.

This should not replace your usual training, it should be treated as extra.