****Sensei Bingo Starts Today****


There can be no doubt that lockdown has been a testing time so far, for so many of us. Distancing from our much loved family & friends and unable to follow our routines, there has been one constant thing that we can remain grateful for and that is – we have each other. We can’t kick and punch each other as usual but we can still meet via ZOOM and work hard together.

We hope it is helping you to keep going throughout this challenging time! We are all surrounded by uncertainty, but there is one thing you can 100% rely on and that is – your Karate Family will continue to bring you fun classes and fresh ideas no matter how long this all lasts.

We appreciate each and every person who has continued to persevere with their karate training and support our Club. We are pleased to have been able to help keep you fit, motivated and above all having fun!

The creativity of our Instructor team from Sensei’s with spoons, cushion punching to scavenger hunts has been a great source of entertainment for all the family.

We have all been so impressed with the awesome energy and infectious enthusiasm we are met with every single night. It has been an absolute pleasure to meet and teach students from every area and help you progress. You are doing SO WELL! With that said, Helen Finney Sensei and her superstar son Ben came up with this BRILLIANT idea.


Right now, you have the unique opportunity to train with almost every Instructor we have.

So from today, we want you to download the Sensei Bingo Card (and print out if possible) and see just how many RTK Instructors and Cadet Leaders you can train with between the 1st and the end of May. So if you are training tonight or tomorrow, you can tick off the Instructors you train with. If you trained this morning with Jaime and Amy; get them ticked off.

With no end of restrictions in sight at the moment, we want to make this as affordable as possible. We will extend the offer of unlimited training for £30 per household until the end of May. Otherwise, the usual £3 per class applies. We have over 50 classes running every single week, mornings and evenings so you’ll soon have your bingo card filled with a bit of organisation and determination!

If you fill your bingo card by the 31st May, we will send you out a special certificate by post.

We plan to double up some Instructors so that you can tick off a couple every time you train.

Here is the downloadable version for your printer, if you don’t have a printer you can just copy the following table and tick off each Instructors name as you train with them.


Downloadble PDF: Sensei Bingo Card


Paul W   

Mike Beckwith Dave R Rob Head Mike Baron Callum Miles Gary Pratley

Rachael W

Leesa Beckwith Debbie Carter Teresa Withington Lorraine Schofield Karen Anderson Jo Sysum
Daryl Brady John Dolan Dave Smith Jon Curtis Lee Edwards Helen Finney

Nicole Chadwick

Emma Ginn Helen Dolan Lily Girault Louise Hopkinson Kyle and Lola Girault Grace and Izzy Baron

Amy O’ Donovan and Jaime Pratley


Mystery Instructor:______________________


There are a few Instructors missing as they’re unable to teach at the moment. However, there is one Instructor missing who is teaching classes. Can you complete your card and fill in the name of the Instructor who is missing?